Passion, care and intelligence is for us the best equation.

We believe the ultimate way to engage, convert and grow is benevolence.




Your audience receives approximately 3000 advertising messages each day.  To be memorable you must resonate with your audience. 



It's not storytelling,
it's your story

We believe that marketing and advertising messages have to be real. Not only to engage but to reveal who are the people behind your brand.



Forget consumers,
talk to people

We restore the human connectivity missing in today's world. In addition to trusting your company, your audience will put their faith in you.



We know you're
smart, show it

Enough of stupid messages, your target is smart too. We want people to remember you for the right reasons.

We have an international and multidisciplinary experience

We created Bract after working in Paris, London, Tel Aviv, San Francisco, and New York. We worked for the most prominent advertising agency in France. For successful fashion designers, leading law firm, ambitious fashion startups, international branding agencies, and high tech branding agencies. All of those experiences gave us insights and facts we couldn’t have guess.

You give, you receive. It’s that simple.

Benevolence is our mantra. We want to have a real positive impact on the world by changing advertising messages. We want to inspire, move and touch people. We don’t create brands but reveal the potential of entrepreneurs. It means that instead of sharing fake messages, we highlight their talent and what’s make them human. At the end, brands meet their consumers and create a real community for real reasons, which is to us, success.

We create messages people will want to share, because they’re real.

Have you ever noticed that when you speak with your heart, messages are well received no matter what? We are not talented at everything, but we know that what we do, we do it well. We only produce content that people will love and feel relevant. How do we do it? We start by listening to what they want to hear. Diving into their psychology is the only way to get to know them. We pay attention to everything because we genuinely care.

Only action makes things change; Bract : Brands that act for good.

In an ideal world, a group of people would be working hard on a product that could save lives or make it easier. Call us hopeful, but we are convinced that entrepreneurs are working this way. At least our clients do. Our goal isn’t to make money to make money. We want to help and give everything we know and have to companies that act for good.

Why creating a benevolent agency and not an organization?

We are convinced that brands have a superpower. They have the opportunity to display and share impactful messages, and what we see today is far from being benevolent. After working in many fields, we spotted the same need. We have never seen an agency thinking about what the target would genuinely want to hear what their clients need to be successful and sharing all of that knowledge. At Bract, we share everything we learned because we know only execution makes a great idea become a successful business. It is a win-win relationship. You trust us, and we fight for you like your company was our child.

What your target thinks

When we created Bract, we interviewed a wide group of people.
We asked how they felt about advertising messages nowadays and here's what they told us.

We felt a need, a strong one. We even personally have been touched and hurt by advertising messages. So before even thinking about our design, our strategy, we went to meet people. We asked how they felt, what they thought, what they truly needed. Not only their feedbacks confirmed our thoughts, but they alarmed us on our actual society. It was bigger than we imagined. They told us that some advertising campaigns made them feel insecure about their bodies and sexuality. And worst, some of them said  that they felt excluded because of their gender or ethnicity. It has to stop.


"Stop trying to sell bullshit to customers and really start caring about them."


"Be more inspirational in a positive way. But stop playing on trends to serve the modernity of your brand."


"Be more real, smarter and bring a real proof of the impact of their product."


"Stop taking us as a product but as a partner."
"Stop trying to sell
bullshit to customers
and really start
caring about them."
"Be more inspirational
in a positive way.
Stop playing on trends
to serve the modernity
of your brand."
"Be more real, smarter
and bring a real proof
of the impact of
their product."
"Stop taking us as
a product but as
a partner."

We are a strong team
because before anything, we're friends

Our Talents

Lisa Picovschi

Founder and Strategist

Hard worker, Utopian, and Photographer.

Sabrina Niddam

Social Media Consultant

Goal oriented, Ahead of trends, and Yoga Teacher

Lea Griguer

Marketing Specialist

Intuitive, entrepreneur and Neurofeedback provider

Jean Baptiste Kaloya

Creative Technologist

Design thinker, Entrepreneur, and Traveller.

We also work with talented specialists,
experts in their field.

Our Specialists

Front/back-end developers

SEO Writers

UX/UI Designers

Art Directors




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Our Experts

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Lea Griguer

Marketing Specialist

She worked for two years for Accenture, a worldwide consulting company, in Marketing and Salesforce implementation for clients such as Generali, Lafourchette, and ENGIE.

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The Bract Team

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Lisa Picovschi

Founder and Strategist

Lisa worked for Publicis Conseil , Ines de la Fressange, Apparis, Atreo, Atelier Particulier, and more.

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Sabrina Niddam

Social Media Consultant

Sabrina worked for Mazarine Youtoyou, L'Oréal, LVMH, COTY, DS, Perrier, and many more.

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Jean Baptiste Kaloya

Creative Technologist

Jean Baptiste worked for BNP Paribas, Cité des Sciences, Hubstairs, AP, and many more.

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