About us

We believe in the power of compassion

After working in Paris, London, New York, San Francisco, and Tel Aviv in advertising, branding, digital and social media agencies, we came up with one and single conclusion: "We lost human connection". 
We are strongly convinced that this disconnection between people is not due to technology directly, but rather the way we perceive it. We see numbers, followers, buyers, visitors, users, without realizing that we're talking to people.

Advertising is the easy part. The real challenge lies in using the right language and implementing compassion and understanding within the work. All of our focus is placed on rebuilding the bridge between you and your beloved consumers. We will invite you to rethink and upgrade your advertising messages. How? By expressing your values, your opinion, and who you are as an entrepreneur. You will engage with your consumers on a deeper level on the long-term. (No, it's not a lie; you will increase your sales, we promise.)

gradient of bract agency marketing and communication
01 emotion
Move your consumer and become unforgettable.
02 transparency
It's not storytelling,
it's your story.
03 compassion
Forget consumers,
talk to people.
04 Intelligence
We know you're
smart, show it.

70% of us feel overwhelmed by advertising.*

Your competitors got it wrong! They think that by attacking your target a thousand times with the same boring message, they will increase their sales. Maybe temporarily they will, but never long-term. Nowadays, people get smarter and more aware of the economic situation. You probably have a million competitors without even knowing where they are, but they target the same people with a similar product, resolving a similar problem. So, what makes you and your product genuinely different? Your story and your kindness.

*Study conducted in 2019 by our team, out of 452 kind people.

86% of us have felt rejected because of an advertising campaign.

We, as good entrepreneurs, interviewed our market and your target before launching our own business, and the results were shocking: 86% of people have felt bad about their ethnicity, body image, religion, gender or sexuality because of an advertising campaign. And don't get us wrong, all industries are guilty. We couldn't accept the situation. Messages have to change, immediately, not only for us but for the next generations.

You have no idea how much power you really hold.

You have no idea of all the gold you have in your own hands. You have such an incredible power: to educate, to inspire, to move, to motivate, to congratulate, to support, to share kindness, compassion, to lead everyone around you to a better future.
We know what you think: you won't get your return on investments. No, you won't. You will get way more than that: a purposeful and a successful company.

Our beloved & strong team