Why communication seems easy and so hard at the same time?

Whether you are a successful entrepreneur, a corporate company, or a talented fashion designer, you can have issues when it comes to your communication.

Where should you start, what are the key messages to share, and how to partner with an agency that will understand your real needs and not just take your money?

Advertising, marketing, communication, branding, naming are all keywords that have a specific definition. It can sometimes feel like a weird language to understand. Once during a critical job interview, the recruiter asked me what the difference between advertising and communication was. I was 19 years old, and I didn’t know. I can assure you today I know exactly how to answer.

What does branding, marketing, really mean?

Branding is a real job. It is a combination of knowledge, culture, artistic, and cinematographic. A mix of understanding of our society, technology, and its impact on our way of perceiving the world. How our economies, politics, religions, beliefs change our approach to consuming. It is an analysis of your target, its psychology, its behavior, their taste, and choices. A strategy is a synthesis work and a way of thinking. It requires a 360° overview of all the elements that could interest us and how to use it to create content.

Advertising is the result of the sensitivity and capture of reliable insights to translate it to ideas that could work on different supports.

Designing websites, for example, creating layouts that will catch the eyes and be intuitive, is not natural. You have to learn how to place the elements and how to design them properly. Consistency is vital, and you can only feel it if you work hard and take a look at every pixel, which is again not natural.

Trust passionate people.

So when you find it hard to do your communication, think about it. Think about all the time you spent creating your product. While you were creating your company, professionals were acquiring more and more knowledge and practicing it.

We created Bract to share the knowledge we acquired other the years. We are passionate about our activity and how to help other companies. We create a partnership with our clients, they trust us, and we fight for them.

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