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Lisa Picovschi

Get to know Lisa

Hard worker, Utopian, and Photographer.

I'm going to say "I" because we all know I wrote this text.

So hi, I'm Lisa Picovschi, and I'm delighted that you're interested in my profile and agency. 

Since my youngest age, I've been captivated by advertising. I grew up in Paris in the '90s, and I always felt that advertising occupied a massive place in our culture. I remember that we even used to make jokes and quotes from advertising campaigns. So I started to wonder and question those messages. Were they good enough? What was their real impact? What could have been better? Well, I was 12, so I didn't get the answer back then. 

Later on, I chose to study in the most prominent advertising school in Paris, where I validated my passion and interests. 

I was looking for meaning, just like Viktor Frankl said, "man's search for meaning." And I found mine. 

I stole a book from my mum's library, "Mémoires d'un Lion" the biography of Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet, founder of the second-largest advertising group: Publicis. In the '30s, he went by himself, knocking at the doors of the old tailors of the Boulevard Montmartre. He started slow, and then the second world war hit him. He became a resistant, and after built an empire. As a grand-daughter of a deportee, you can understand how inspiring it was. So when I turned 18, I became obsessed with Publicis. I was dreaming of this vast building on the Champs Elysee and did everything to access it. 

When you find meaning, nothing is impossible. 

I could have done it simple, but I had a fire deep down inside me that I couldn't turn off. I found the contact of Maurice Levy (CEO at the time of Publicis Group) by myself and sent him a letter and my CV. His assistant replied to me two weeks after: "Maurice Levy is delighted by your letter, when can we meet?". I cried of joy. 

So I did, and I worked for Renault, the ancestral account. I was so thrilled and proud to achieve my first dream. 

After I went to studying Art Direction and Creative Thinking in London, I had courses like "How to have 400 ideas in one minute". It was mind blowing. 

I went working for a branding agency working for Teva and Superpharm in Tel Aviv. I learned everything about branding. The truth is, I didn't even know what branding was, but they hired me. (And told me at the end that I was really talented.)

San Francisco felt like a need.

I wanted to go back to France and do a master's degree in one of the most prestigious school, and then San Francisco called me. So I went and had the most fantastic time of my life. I had teachers from Harvard and Stanford, teaching me Entrepreneurship, Creative Thinking, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and how to think BIGGER. 

I felt I could make a little last effort and went working in New York City for a small fashion company at the time that became a wide and successful one. 

Finally, I got back to Tel Aviv and made a bold choice: creating a benevolent full-service marketing and communication agency in a foreign country. 

Being benevolent is not a trend, a sign of weakness, but a profound need and the ultimate proof of strength and confidence. 

Lisa worked for Publicis Conseil , Ines de la Fressange, Apparis, Atreo, Atelier Particulier, and more.