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About this Project
From a french leading law firm to China.
Strategy • Branding • Website


Avocats Picovschi (Picovschi Lawyers) is a leading French law firm. With over 320k visitors per month, Avocats Picovschi's website is the first law firm website in french speaking countries. Avocats Picovschi already has a strong partnership with China. The Chinese embassy in France, the Chinese Minister of economy, and fluent Chinese law firms.


How to give as much information while staying straight forward?

Our Strategy

We kept their performing content and design and adapte it to a Chinese audience. We know that some will want to have directly access to the information while some others may take some time to review their skills. We made everything accessible within one click, to everyone.


From a french successful law firm to an international one.

Branding & Logo
Iconography, representing industries.
We kept the french performing content and adapted it.
An easier navigation to find directly what you're looking for.
About Page
Article Page optimized for SEO.
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