Advertising Strategy

How we proceed

Think big, bold and positive

Highlight your strengths, play with your weaknesses.

We started by working on your branding; we even created a website, but how would people get to know you? Advertising, communication, marketing, all of those keywords sound the same, so here's what we really do.

We dive into your market.

A good advertiser has ideas; an excellent one knows your market by heart.
We study and study your field again, and we come with you in your factories, interview your consumers, organize surveys, call your mum, ask your employees, and look for market trends and insights: we collect as much data as possible, why? Because this is gold.

We use market opportunities to demonstrate you're the best. Once we know almost everything about your ecosystem, we can only start by figuring what stops you from being number 1. We try to have a global overview of your market to understand how everything works. By experience, we start to notice some opportunities. Call those opportunities "niches." A market segment nobody had the idea to explore. That's where we go.

Your weaknesses are, in fact, your forces.

Advertisers, for a long time, tried to hide your weaknesses. Saying you were the best at what you're doing, you were selling the best product, and if your target wouldn't buy it, it was because of their bad taste. We don't think this way; actually, we find it pretty interesting that you're not perfect because nobody is. When you are aware of your fragility, you become credible, and that's what we're looking for: honesty, authenticity, humanity. It could even be smart to have a tagline saying, "We know we're not good at everything, but this, we do it well."

What are your objectives?

Whether you are launching your business or repositioning your company, we have three types of objectives: awareness, loyalty, and affection. We can target those three at the same time, but it can be more challenging to reach all of them at the same time because a single message can't say everything. Once we set up the right objectives, the creative process feels logical.

What is the next step?

Involve your target
in your journey