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Vegan can be fashionable and feminine.

APPARIS is a faux-fur brand based in New York City.

While working with them was to express the feminine aspect of the product branded as vegan.

We created a bold and fashionable visual identity to create a cut. Inspire people to be vegan by taking it to the next level. Producing high quality content with attitude to show its fashion potential. We focused on the personality of the founders and the change they wanted to make in the fashion industry. We designed a visual identity to suit their way of thinking: being bold, colorful, modern, feminine and empowering. We selected models that expressed their generation and tried to stay as realistic as possible. In the wording we used, we simplified the customer journey by being clear, caring and loving.


From Brooklyn, to being sold at Saks, Macys, Bloomingdales, across the US.

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