Art Direction & Creative Thinking

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What does an Art Director really do?

You may have heard about the work of art direction in the fashion and cinema industry, even in the branding process, but it is quite different in advertising.

When we receive a strategic brief, we know what the company sells, targets, and seeks. We know what its market is, it's trends, and insights. A real and talented Art Director thinks globally.

We have been trained to generate a massive impact and incorporate in our creative thinking, more extensive operations. An Art Director must have a vast culture: cinematographic, artistic, musical, political, economical, and social to fully understand the situation. Because it can be a little bit tricky to follow, here's an example.

In 2013, we worked for a volunteer brief from the global Brazilian energy provider. The FIFA World Cup of 2014, hosted in Brazil, caused a lot of economic and political problems. Most of the Brazilians were angry at the government for prioritizing this event over their situation.
So we came up with a solution that could solve, a tiny bit, the problem. We thought about installing in the stadium energy receptors on the bleacher's floor. That way, every time the supporters would stand, jump, walk, and dance, their movements would directly generate energy. That same energy would be retransmitted to the favelas.

Use your money wisely.

Art Direction is a significant opportunity to create a strong and powerful ecosystem around your brand. Most of the big companies today use their marketing and advertising budget rapidly without thinking alternatively. We try to use all of the resources we acquired to come up with original ideas that will have a long term effect. Most of the advertising campaigns have a short term if none impact. We know that you're investing; that's why we focus on creating content and operations your target will remember for good reasons.

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