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Getting to know your consumers can only do you good. When it comes to positioning your company, we noticed that our clients always struggle. They want to say everything, be the best, or use their marketing positioning, which is only a descriptive sentence. Advertising is entirely different, and here's why.

What is a good positioning?

A positioning comes from the problem you're solving + your added value + insights. Example: Glossier: "When in the US, millennials only have the choice between drugstore and high-end beauty products, Glossier offers an effortless, natural-looking makeup, at a medium price range. Their products are easy to use and transportable because most millennials don't know how to apply makeup properly, or don't have the time to do so."

Here's why, when your product seems perfect, a positioning feels logical. It can be rational or creative, but we think the creative part must be done in Art Direction. Why? Because you want to be efficient, direct to the point, and real. Even if we create the best advertising campaign on the hearth, your product will sell by itself. We just come and clarify the message.

Your positioning can be slightly different from your branding positioning because each advertising campaign has its objectives. Glossier's positioning is a global one, but we can break it down to each product and focus on just one.

Why are insights so valuable?

Insights are a direct analysis of your consumer's pain points. We all have a different experience using a product or service, how we perceive it, how it could simplify our life, and what we truly need. We base our advertising strategy on this realness: actual elements and situations from their daily lives. It's a classic concept in advertising, but it always works.

Reach people.

Targeting a group of people and getting to know their habits, their feelings, their taste, and how they behave is for us not only essential but from a social perspective, inspiring. We focus on your brand, but mainly on your audience because only your consumers can make your brand being successful. We elaborate a strong persona to get as closer as possible to your target. We describe their personalities and their hobbies to send the right message. We include all those elements in our creative work.

What is the next step?

Involve your target
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