Brand Book

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A strong visual identity to lead you to success.

What is a Brand Book?

The Brand Book is a document summarizing all your visual identity. It is a quick way to set up your communication elements and get the items you need.  It helps your team knowing exactly who they're working for and why.

What contains a Brand Book?

In the brand book, you will find your brand's history, positioning, and values. Your logo, variations of your logo, minimum size, and restrictions. Your color palette and its changes. Your typography, primary, secondary, digital, and its use. Your visual branding: photography, illustration, iconography, and all the visual elements of your brand.

Who creates the elements?

The artistic director supervises the work of the designer and together work on at least two versions. Two versions that we try to distinguish graphically as much as possible so that you can have a real contrast that helps you choose.

Do I have the copyrights on the elements?

Copyright belongs to you on all graphic elements. We provide the original files so that you can freely use them internally or offer them to other providers. Everything we do belongs to you. We are dedicated to your success.

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