Brand Review

How we proceed

What is exactly a Brand Review?

What is a Brand Review?

The Brand Review is a global audit of your brand. It helps us understand your pain points and your market, to set the right strategy.

Where do we start?

We start by getting to know you as much as we can. It will take as much time as it needs; we don't want to skip any details. Your factories, laboratories, offices, your team, we review everything. Then we study your competitors. We focus on their communication and advertising strategies. Both direct and nondirect. We collect as much data as we can because even if branding is a creative work, we base our production on real facts. What made them succeed or fail. What are the general trends? Is it safe to follow or to create an atypical identity?

How do we study your market?

We focus on their marketing strategy. We take a close look at your competitors' visual identity and brand strategy to differentiate you. What are their brand values? Which media do they use, and why? What kind of packaging do they have? What is their target, and how do they talk to them? We study your market both globally and locally. 

How do we get to know your consumers?

After we proceed by interviewing your future consumers, and we look for the general trends and opportunities we can use. Mainly their pain point and how to solve them. When you know your users well, the way you talk to them becomes natural. We interview your target on their perception of your product, your market, and their hobbies and lifestyle. Any information we could have gives us resources for our communication. As close you get to your target, the best message you send.

How do we study your market's trends and insights?

You are positioning your company on a market that is not waiting for you to move on! We want to be aware of all the threats that could exist to protect you. Even if you are selling a specific type of product, the globalization of the economy forces us to look at other markets and their leaders. If you are selling cosmetics, we must study fashion, ready to wear and couture, and how it impacts your activity. Globally, what are the general trends and opportunities we can use?

What is the next step?

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