Brand Strategy

How we proceed

What do we cover during the Brand Strategy?

What is it about?

The goal of the brand strategy is to define your DNA, your brand values, your positioning, and create consistency in your communication.
It is the only way to retain consumers. We work to reveal who you are and how your brand should exist. We sought truth and authenticity because we know and proved it: it is the ultimate way to engage with your audience in the long term.

What is a Brand Diagnostic?

Our strategist starts to work by listing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats from your market. We don’t skip any information. By having a clear overview of your brand, we can orient our work in a specific direction. We focus on your strengths and take into consideration seriously the threats of your market. We don’t want to hide your weaknesses because it is what makes you different and real. We use opportunities to make you stand out in the crowd and validate your value proposition.
Then, we establish a precise diagnostic, almost like a doctor would prescribe medicine to its patient. We list the branding objectives, and we keep them in mind during all of our work processes.

What do you call Positioning and Brand Values?

Your positioning is a simple sentence that summarizes your brand essence. Your positioning is almost the « why » of your company. The « why do you wake in the morning? » « why did you created this product? » « what do you want to change? ». It should be logical and authentic.  It will guide your communication and create a real consistency in your production. Then only we can define your brand personality: the kind of relationship you want to keep with your consumers, and your brand values: friendly VS authority, low or high end, modern VS classic, etc. We make sure that your positioning is sustainable, credible, distinctive, and attractive.

How do you select our target?

In every field, if we miss our target, we don’t succeed our operations. In branding, it’s precisely the same. We know how significant is the investment you’re making; that’s why we focus on your target like it was ours. We love people, more than everything. That’s why our targeting is real and relevant. We don’t want to target the wrong people and bother them with your services. While your actual audience, waiting for your product could have directly be targeted. We are as precise as possible.
We base our analysis on the study we made during the Brand Review, and we get as close as we can to your dream client.

What is the next step?

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