Creative Strategy

How we proceed

How creative can we be?

What is it exactly?

The creative strategy is an exercise that combines strategic and artistic thinking. The heart and the brain meet. We love to be as creative as possible, but we know we're not doing art, but marketing. Our objective is to create a specific atmosphere. Your target will understand your brand as quickly as possible and will remember you.

How do you work on the Creative Strategy?

The Strategic Planner brings "scientific" data to the Art Director. Together they craft the look and feel of your brand. As a team, they work on the best possible graphic design to distinguish your company and reveal its unique character. The artistic director bases his work on his knowledge and cultural references. He starts to imagine the tone of the branding by creating a clear mood-board, that we validate with you.
We carefully select which creative director we involve in your project. The Art Director selects the color palettes, the type of typography, imagery, the overall visual, sound, and olfactory atmosphere, to create the brand book. We don't skip anything.

When it comes to the creative strategy, how original can we be?

We live in a world where it feels everything has been done, or worst, trends set guidelines and rules. That's why being creative has a process. Creativity can also be mixing ideas and concepts, merging two worlds, and involving cultural references. But before thinking about the most original design, we make sure to be easily understandable and efficient.

What is the next step?

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