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Convince your investor

We've been to the Silicon Valley enough to understand that it's crucial. We've seen talented entrepreneurs failing their presentation because they were losing their point. We help you to prioritize your ideas and clarify the story you want to tell.

Clarify your storytelling.

If you want to catch your audience's attention, you must start by telling them your story, because you have one! The process and your experiences that led you to create this startup are critical. Your future investor won't only be listening but will really understand your "why" and invest in you, more than your solution.

One idea, one slide.

Investors don't have that much time to waist. We recommend cleaning your mind before starting your presentation. There's not a right way to go, every entrepreneur's story is different. We sit together and figure what would be the most logical way to present your business ideas.

A great design always helps.

Great design is not only a great design but shows that you spend time and invest in your ideas because you believe in it. It also helps you to be more confident coming up on stage. Put that button-up shirt!

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