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E-commerce is a modern revolution. Covid-19 has even shown us how crucial it is to have an online presence. Enough blah-blah, we know how to do it.

It's a matter of organization.

The ultimate goal of an e-commerce website is to generate sales in two clicks. That's why we mainly focus on navigation and categorization. We organize your products in the most logical categories and make them as accessible as possible. Sometimes a brand has its proper language that they can only understand. We help you rethink and reorganize your website for your target.

Inventory and stock management.

Some of you may be familiar with Shopify or Magenta. If you want us to use it, we will, but we usually work with Webflow and Prestashop. We guide you on the use of your CMS; we never let you struggle.

Mobile-first, again.

Most of your traffic, especially in the fashion and cosmetic industry, might come from social media. That's why we focus on the responsiveness of your website. Quickly accessible products, categorizations of your collections, payment platform easily usable, we did it and would be happy to recreate it for you.

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