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What is real user experience?

Digital has become part of the real world. Nowadays, we do pretty much everything online. At Bract, we believe your target doesn't have a second to lose. We focus on creating logical interfaces and smart user experiences. We work on the customer journey to create comfortable and understandable navigation. We want your visitor to find as quickly as possible what he's looking for.

Is it safe to follow trends?

We know that trends set guidelines for designing websites. We agree on most of those rules, but we keep questioning their validity. It's not because everybody is doing things a certain way that we should always follow the rules. But, indeed, your target is already educated. We mix both web language and your personality.
We work by listening and analyzing your audience, so once we clearly understand their pain points, we can solve them, and create something they need, understand, and love.

Wireframes and mockups.

Before selecting a template or working on the layouts, we craft wireframes of your website. It helps us organizing the elements and questioning its logic. We create our websites like pitch presentations: Who are we? What are we doing? For who, and how?
Once our wireframes feel clear, we focus on the SEO of your website and how to increase the chances of getting visitors. Links, structure, call to action, titles, lengths of text blocs, images, we organize everything.

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