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Is emailing relevant in every case?

As consumers, we receive tones of newsletters. Even when we didn't agree with it, and it gets annoying. The image and reputation of the company drop-down and we want to unsubscribe as fast as possible. We want to get rid of it because we feel it's intrusive, selfish, and irrelevant. So what is an excellent newsletter?

First of all, the newsletter shouldn't be about you, but about your consumers. How you can help them, and propose the best service. It should gently inform your audience about your new products and offers without being too pushy and commercial. It should be smart, fun, and inspiring.

How do we do it?

Because we want you to be as independent as possible, we mostly work with MailChimp. It is 100% customizable and effortless to use. We can create anything we want. We can code from scratch the newsletter or design it with their design tools. It depends on your needs, but we usually create templates for every purpose so you can duplicate and use it as much as you want.
We track the traffic from your newsletter, and we improve our practices if our statistics are not good enough. We highlight specific products and generally focus on one at each time. Your users and consumers don't have a minute to lose, so we simplify the message.

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