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How to use Adwords?

We mainly use Google Adwords because most of your traffic will happen there. We are also familiar with Bing if we feel you need it. But let's talk seriously.
Adwords can be a beneficial tool when you need to highlight a specific product at a particular time of the year. Black boots for hiking, sunglasses to be the prettiest on the beach or detox tea for... No, we don't do that.
It can quickly become costly and a waste of money. But, we know what kind of keywords we can select to increase your traffic and sales instantly. We will figure it out together.

When it comes to SEO, we're having more fun.

SEO starts when you build your website, and we're talking HTML, CSS, and JS. You want to start with the best foundations. The code of your website must be 100% clean and well organized. That's what we do. We position wisely our Hn on the most relevant keywords; we build a logical and practical structure for Google's robots and focus on the weight of every page. If we don't do it well, It will be like building a beautiful house on weak foundations, it will crash, and you'll have to do everything again.

Content, content, and quality content.

Writing for the web is a job by itself. It isn't just using the right keywords but making sure you're writing correctly. Today, Search Engines prioritize human written content: realness. At Bract, for example, we barely look at keywords planner because we know by heart our field and the vocabulary of our world. We use the right words when it feels needed.
We are thrilled to see that giant like Google reward humanity other robots. And that's what we're trying to reproduce in house.

Keeping active.

A great website could die quickly if it doesn't stay active. We make sure that you keep publishing content often, for Google's robots but mainly for your audience. They want to hear from you!

How do you keep updated when Google changes its algorithm?

Our main goal is to make you perform! We keep our team updated weekly on Google's new features. It would be stupid to design a great website without having any visitor, right? We keep learning new practices to reach the number one position, and of course, we share all our knowledge with you!

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