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Small websites, from 5 to 10 pages.

For small websites or landing pages, we work as quickly as possible with a platform called Webflow. It allows us to design as rapidly and efficiently websites. was built with Webflow. We absolutely love this platform because it gives us control over everything and we can create everything we want in two minutes. The code is completely clean; you don't have to worry about it for SEO. If you're not familiar with it and its implemented CMS, we export the code directly and publish it wherever you want. We don't even need to clean the code because "Webflow" doesn't appear anywhere. If you're ready to learn new technology quickly and be independent, we'll teach you everything.

More demanding projects.

For more demanding projects, we work with talented developers, and we customize everything. We craft mockups of every page, so you already know how exactly your website will look like.
When launching a website, it's great to work quickly, but we prefer to feel that you're 100% satisfied before revealing anything. It's even better for SEO purposes.

Mobile first.

Mobile-first. Whether you are personally using your computer or mobile to scroll websites, we have to think mobile-first. We don't know your problematic yet, but we know for sure what Google prioritizes. (We even heard that Google wanted to increase the voice search.) If you rely on SEO to get clients, or social media to get traffic, your online presence must be adapted to mobile. That's why we craft your mobile and desktop versions at the same time.

How do you proceed to host our website?

It depends on your needs. If you already have a domain, we use it. If you don't, we usually work with OVH or GoDaddy because we trust them. Our website is hosted on OVH, and it never failed. We register your website with your access and credit card so that you can manage your subscription anytime.

How do you care about the cybersecurity of our website?

Today, the digital landscape offers us the possibility to share as much information as we want and meet amazing people from all around the world. Still, we also expose ourselves to the worst. To be safe, we make sure to have multiple backups of your website and store it only on the most reliable servers.

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