LET'S GO GET THOSE CLIENTS! (we had nothing else to say)

After building solid foundations, we add layers. Those layers combined will ensure your success and the growth of your company. We set up a 360 degree media planning strategy to increase our chances of reaching your target.

our process

Working it the Bract method is a bit different than other agencies; simply we fight harder. Our unique approach focuses intensely on you, what you want to achieve, who you want to target, and which messages you want to share. We don't just make you "look good." Actually, it's almost like in dating, when you're attracted to this beautiful man or woman, but do you keep dating if you sense terrible values? So, because we know everything matters, we ensure everything is aligned: Your look & feel.


SEA (Adwords)

Even if we're specialized in SEO, (we're the best, don't look any more), we know that Google AdWords can have a quick push on your sales. For that, we set up everything; we align with your budget and goals to kick-start your activity!



Video is, for sure, THE most performing content. From motion design to artistic videos, and more animations, we can create (easily) all the content you need to perform, show you pretty faces, or even tell your bad jokes!


Go-to-Market Strategy

Because it can be blurry, where to start, what to say, and how to even touch your audience, we break down in multiple steps your go-to-market strategy. Each steps and each content we need to create for you to succeed!


Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising is pretty much all the banners, the digital ads that usually annoy you! We make sure to create captivating, entertaining, even funny, or emotional videos because we know and have proven that only this type of content brings you your return on investment!


Social Media Advertising

Social Media is seen as a marketing platform, and it is. Because you can create genuine relationships with real people on those platforms, we make the most engaging content!


Content Creation for Blogging

We told you that SEO is the most caring way to grow, and it is. To perform on Google, you have to share! Share who you are, your values, your ideas, and your knowledge. But because we know you don't have the time for it, we'll do it for you!


Our other services