We consider SEO the most caring, and empathetic way to grow

If you think hacking Google was the secret to get to page #1, you may need our help. To be clear: Google is like a child. You have to teach him what you're doing, where, for who, and how. And for that, you have to be as clear as possible. Both in the way you write your code and your content. No worries, we'll take the lead.

our process

Working it the Bract method is a bit different than other agencies; simply we fight harder. Our unique approach focuses intensely on you, what you want to achieve, who you want to target, and which messages you want to share. We don't just make you "look good." Actually, it's almost like in dating, when you're attracted to this beautiful man or woman, but do you keep dating if you sense terrible values? So, because we know everything matters, we ensure everything is aligned: Your look & feel.


Technical SEO

Page speed & Clean code: In order for your site to be more easily recognized by search engines, the code needs to be extremely readable and understandable. To achieve this we utilize Webflow as it writes clean code. Instead of code that overlaps and becomes messy, Webflow eliminates any unnecessary content on the website’s backend. The front end will look exactly the same, with just as much usability, but without a heavy code, making it more crawlable: easier for search engine bots, such as Google’s, to read through and identify keywords in the code. Additionally, having a cleaner, lighter code will improve page speed, which can also help you rank on search engines. It takes less time, money and energy for search engines to host you on one of their front pages if your site is light! So, fewer pictures and animations, and more words with clean code.


Site Map

Bottom line here is that your site should never end. The user should never be able to get stuck on one page. There should always be a backlink, internal link, or a relevant link to another page within the site. All of the pages within the site should be intertwined, organized and accessible, jumping from one page to another. A great example of site mapping that we personally use in our writing consistently is the incorporation of other blog posts we’ve already published, into new ones. We will make it a point to connect everything we can in and throughout our site. If we discuss Growth Hacking in an article discussing branding, we will incorporate a link connected to the Growth Hacking article into the branding article. Simple as that. Give your users a way to get from one page to another without trying.



As we mentioned previously, in order to be more easily discoverable by search engines, your keywords have to be strategic and pertinent to your target. So, we start by using Google Search Console and Adwords to identify the most useful and relevant keywords for the website’s copywriting. We search far and wide, as well as small and local to identify competitor keywords, too. We want to be prepared on all levels of search in order to ensure that your writing and content stand out from the rest. It doesn’t stop there, though. Your keywords should exist everywhere. Any opportunity you have to put a word, a link, a phrase, etc., should be an opportunity to incorporate another keyword that can help you move up a page on search engines. This includes URLs to every page on the site. Let Google know exactly what’s on the page so if someone is in search for an item or a word you might have, Google will send them directly to you.



Often an overlooked part of a website, it is actually the most important. If you’re not constantly updating your website with content consisting of interesting writing and relevant keywords, you can enjoy your time on the tenth page of Google. Just kidding. (Not really) Google keeps track of how often you upload copy to your website, therefore uploading often, with articles surrounding relevant topics is vital to your success. In addition, the content uploaded must be strategically written so as to not contain too many or too few keywords, and must be the proper amount of words. If the writing is oversaturated with keywords, it’s quite noticeable. You want your reader to come across and click on the article out of genuine interest and curiosity. Make it feel like they’re reading something personal and relatable, not something that looks like it was written by a robot. At BRACT, we have a unique method that goes unnoticed by pretty much everyone (Shh, don’t tell). When writing new blog posts, or coming up with new ideas, we make it a point to switch between personal/practical and professional/business-oriented. This keeps our site and intentions authentic as well as relatable. We know all of the best practices to keep your readers intrigued from start to finish.


Long-Term Success

When working with clients, we make it our top priority to ensure your success even after we complete projects. This even includes a six month follow-up to check that everything we assisted with was successful. We leave you with ideas for upcoming publications, how to fix mistakes if and when they’re made, and the best part? We teach you what we know, so that you can think strategically for yourself.