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What is the role of a community manager?

Social media are fantastic. We keep in touch with our family, friends, and partners even in long distances. We can learn freely and easily about everything. We connect with amazing people from all over the world, from our smartphone. Even love stories happen. So, it felt pretty natural that brands would use social networks too, and yes, it can be a valuable tool, the only problem is the digital aspect.
You can do everything you want behind the screen of your smartphone; nobody can check who you are. We sometimes feel in danger or insecure. How do we know who's really behind your account?

How to humanize your communication?

The role of the community manager is first to humanize your brand. He is the person behind the screen you're looking for. He interacts with your audience and keeps entertaining them. He knows exactly what to answer and when. He is in charge of respecting the social guidelines we set up. He removes undesirable comments or redirects your followers to your FAQ or website. Basically, he represents you like he was a part of your team. To stay consistent, the community manager always keeps an eye on your community to show how much you care.

Why is it essential to have a community manager?

Social networks are almost like a live survey. Your audience directly reacts to your new product and service, and they frankly say how much they love or hate it. Our community manager is directly in charge of reporting all of those feedbacks. He is almost like your customer support. He provides answers to your audience and teaches them how to use your product, and both to your marketing team to improve it. He creates an overall feeling of community because he links everything together: your audience and your team.

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