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We keep questioning ourselves

Only data matters.

Social media are a mysterious science. How can we get better if we don't analyze our performances? We weekly report your statistics and ask ourselves how to get better. We keep an eye on your results, and we chase new heights.

We get better by testing things.

When it comes to your social media strategy, we are flexible. We sometimes planned a great kind of content, and in the end, we were far from what your audience truly needs. When this happens, we change our strategy and pivot quickly. This is why we keep testing and testing until we find the perfect kind of message.
It can be about content, but your hashtags strategy is crucial. We noticed that a small account with 3000 followers using the right keywords could reach between 15k-20k person for free with each post, only by using the right hashtags and posting at the right moment. So what we do is at first, we try, change some of them, and then when we find the perfect combination, we stick to it.

Analytics teaches us how your followers behave with you.

Some may engage fully, and some may leave quickly. This is why it's essential to study your analytics. We learn from experience, and we focus on their behavior. Do your followers watch your Instagram Stories? Do they tag their friends on your Facebook post?  Do they subscribe or unsubscribe? We report it to your marketing team as soon as possible, and we propose new ideas to perform better.

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