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Prevent the worst, cherish the best

If you share content on social media, you will expose yourself to the best and the worst. That's why we prefer to prepare yourself. What should you accept, answer, or reject? We want to share our experience with you so you can take the best of it.Social media guidelines should provide tools for your community manager to engage naturally, positively, and carefully with your audience.
Our community manager reacts as a part of your team. It means that he takes into consideration your brand guidelines and your brand policy. We brief him as much as possible, and together we adjust his work. All of his personal information remain unknown to prevent harassment and pursuits.

We focus on the positive side.

Social media guidelines aren't just about preventing threats. We set a tone of voice to follow. It goes from using emojis or being institutional, calling your followers by their name or "sweetie," to prioritizing your local or international followers? We set up everything.

How to prevent negative comments?

Answering to lovely comments is pretty easy; it gets complicated when you face, angry, arguing, or worst racist comments. We adapt to each of our clients because they come from a different field. But here's what we can already answer.
Every company will one day face an angry client; it's part of it. In our social guidelines, we prepare answers to send to prevent a small comment from becoming a fight. If they're not accurate, our community manager can think by himself or ask our social team ideas.
Regarding racist comments and accounts, we always prefer to delete it because we don't want you to be associated with political subjects.

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