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When, what, how to post.

What is it about?

Being on Instagram, just because you think you have to be on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tiktok... will only waste your time and money. A real social media strategy sets a problem, objectives, and a creative approach to reaching its goal.

It can be a crucial opportunity that we should take seriously. Social platforms are useful media. But media we should see differently. People have access to it on their time when they're trying to relax. If we send a commercial, irrelevant message, they won't only care but skip it.

How do we do it ?

We create a real atmosphere and focus on what your target wants to receive. You have to adapt your communication and content to every platform. Some may be used for fun, some with a more professional approach, but you shouldn't share the same message on every social media. Don't worry; we make sure to link all your networks together to create coherence.
We focus on your added value and share your story; we explain more about you, your company, and your products to involve your future consumer in your journey.

Hashtags? Contests? Influenceurs?

Some brands had built a strong community by using some of those technics. We know because we helped some of them. Social networks can be seen as a mysterious science, but with experience, you start to figure things out. When to post, what kind of content, for which target, and it becomes natural, because your community is naturally waiting for you.
Even if we focus on making you succeed organically, influencers can represent a great opportunity. We know it can be pricy and tricky to select the right ones, that's why we don't recommend it for each of our clients. We can discuss everything together, anyway; we already have a lot of creative ideas!

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