How we proceed

1. Market Analysis
2. Positioning & Messaging
3. Targeting & Persona
4. Creative Strategy

From our Audit, our strategist has a clear understanding of the situation. That's when we take action. We don't skip any information. We focus on your strengths and take into consideration seriously the threats of your market. We don't want to hide your weaknesses because it is what makes you different and authentic. We use opportunities to make you stand out in the crowd and validate your value proposition.
At first glance our process may seem simple. However, utilizing our expertise, we learned that it incorporates many key details that are vital to a successful innovation process.
         This process can be conducted on a miniature scale for a smaller quantity of contemporary ideas, or serve as the foundation for an innovative program for large corporations. Whichever the case, the key is not to skip any steps while still moving at a speed suited for innovation.

Market Analysis

We use market opportunities to demonstrate why and how you are the best. Only once we know everything about your infrastructure can we begin to understand what may be preventing you from being #1. We try to have a global overview of your market to understand how everything works. By experience, we start to notice some opportunities. Call those opportunities "niches." A market segment nobody had the idea to explore. That's where we go.

Positioning & Messaging

When it comes to positioning, we noticed that our clients often struggle. They want to say everything, be the best, or use their marketing positioning, which is only a descriptive sentence of their product. Advertising is entirely different, and here's why. A positioning comes from the problem you're solving + your added value + insights. Your messaging can only result from a credible, original and authentic positioning. 

Targeting & Persona

Targeting a group of people and getting to know their habits, their feelings, their taste, and how they behave is for us not only essential but, from a social perspective, inspiring. We focus on your brand and your audience. We express a clear and carefully constructed persona to get as close to your target as possible. We describe their personalities and their hobbies to send the right message. We include all those elements in our creative work.

Creative Strategy

The creative strategy is an exercise that combines strategic and artistic thinking. The heart and the brain meet. We know we are not creating art. Instead, we are strategizing marketing methods. Our objective is to create a specific atmosphere. Your target will understand your brand as quickly as possible and will remember you.

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