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An expert marketing team at the cost of a junior

Unlimited, Graphic Design, Web, SEO, and Content Subscription

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Logo, Color Palette, Symbol Design, Pattern Design, Typography, Illustrations, Photographies, 3D Graphics, Iconography, Packaging Design

Graphic Design

Flyers, Banner Design, Business Cards, Email Signature, Pitch Deck Design, Blog Post illustration, Newsletter Template Design

Website Design

Wire-Framing UX/UI, Landing Page Design, Home Page Design, About Us Page Design, Product Page Design, Blog Page Design, Article Page Design, Contact Us Page Design, FAQ Page Design

Web Development

Webflow Development, Webflow Animations, Webflow Onboarding, Wordpress, Shopify, Framer, CMS Implementation, Hosting, Setting up and Publishing


SEO Blog Post , Website Copywriting , Site Map Optimization, SEO Benchmark, Title & Meta description, Fixing Technical Issues

Video & Animation

Website Motion Graphics, Infographics, Animated social Ads, Video editing, Video Script, Sound library

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Unlimited requests

Give us as many tasks as you need, sort them by priority, and we jump to work!


Flexible and scalable

Stop your subscription in just a few clicks. You can also upgrade your plan to double the number of tasks.


Super-fast delivery

2-3 days delivery on average. Even your in-house team doesn’t work as fast.


High-End quality

We’re a premium agency offering a subscription. No worries, we won’t suddenly become terrible designers.


Full ownership

Everything we produce for you and your company belongs to you! You receive the original files, and you're good to go!

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One request at a time Unlimited requests
All services
Average 48h delivery
One brand

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Paid monthly
Pause or cancel anytime

Two requests at a time Unlimited requests
All services
Average 48h delivery
One brand

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Once the task is approved, we directly transition to the next request in the queue.

Frequently Asked Questions

It seems to good to be true, is it?

There’s no catch. No for real. We created this subscription for you to be as free as a bird. (More of an eagle than a pigeon, but still you get the idea.) You can submit limitless requests for any of our services. Before starting working, you receive an email from us telling how long it will take, so you just place a priority between the tasks. But, if you have multiple needs at a time, just upgrade to our Pro plan. You see, easy.

Why don’t I just hire a designer in-house?

The average salary of a designer is 100k/year, and good luck finding one who’s talented, available, and nice. (Yes, nice is important too!) When you subscribe to our standard plan, you pay 50% of this price and get the job of 4 other people at the same time. Why bother onboarding a new designer?!

What counts as a request?

Everything you put on your to-do list. Even if it’s designing a home page for your new website, or removing a coma on your business card. Some may be longer than others, that’s why, we recommend organizing your to-do list by priorities.

For example, I need you to design a Logo, how does it work?

Great question! For us, there are two ways to design a logo, a strategic way or a pure design way.

1) If you worked on your Brand Strategy, meaning: your value proposition, positioning on your market, targeting, and artistic direction, we integrate all of this in our work.  We will ask a few design references for us to be aligned: a Pinterest mood board is enough.

2) If you only need a design execution without a clear strategy, you can, of course, ask our agency to work on it, or send us all your design references for us to get inspired. 

In both cases, you will receive only one option for the logo. With or without a symbol, it'll depend on your mood board. Asking for a revision will be counted as a new task.

Who am I in touch with?

You’ll only be speaking with one person. After subscribing to our package, you’ll have a dedicated account manager who will be in charge of everything (except for making coffee.) He or she will be in charge of getting the brief and information from you and sharing it with our designers, developers, and art directors.

Do you use Ai to create content?

Midourney, ChatGPT, and other Artificial intelligences offer amazing content, that’s for sure. We know for example that MidJourney when it’s used properly can create free of rights wonderful and super unique visuals. When ChatGPT for SEO is a terrible idea as Google recognizes and banishes AI-written content. So, in other words, when it’s needed we do, and when it’s not, we don’t :)

What if I can’t wait 2 days and I need this today?

If you have a super important deadline, we make an effort. Behind this wonderful offer, we’re still humans. (Two hands, two legs, the whole package.) Just send us an email saying that this is urgent and we’ll move it to the top priority list, asking one of our designers to work as quickly as possible. (Just don’t call us drunk at 2 am, we may be sleeping.)

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