High Tech Startups and Communication: How to stand out in the crowd?

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May 6, 2021

Why does every high-tech startup website look exactly the same?

Everyone has seen one at some point or another; perhaps even unknowingly. A classic startup website: The super intrinsic banner with a sentence briefly explaining what the company offers (without really explaining anything), floating directly in the center. The sentence seems only understandable by the team of the company and when say ‘the team’ we’re referring to the five engineers who developed the tech (and some nice geeks who learned how to code in college). 

They might throw in a 3D element or animation somewhere on the landing page just to ~spice it up~. There is most definitely a contact page with the phrase “get a free demo, today!”. Classic. We’ve seen hundreds of startup websites, as most people have, but can you name 5 off of the top of your head? Do you remember the names of their websites? The color story? Most of their true target doesn’t. Solely based on experience and expertise, we wrote an article emphasizing the importance of memorability among brands and how crucial it is to leave your mark when someone comes across your site. Maybe we can help you, too. 

Personally, we find it quite humorous that all startup websites look identical, but here’s why it isn’t going to work: 

You have to take risks, and at the moment, we don’t believe you are. Maybe they look the same because these startups are afraid to stand out and take the risk in order to sustain their originality. This is okay. The expertise usually lies in the hands of an advertising agency, anyway. 

We get it. Building a company is incredibly challenging, especially when you don’t have the proper funding. But you have to keep in mind that there are solutions to every problem. You can hire an agency that has experience, knows what they’re doing professionally but doesn’t charge an insane amount of money. There are also multiple practices you can utilize yourself to help optimize your website’s reach. For example: SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Scattered throughout your website, in a sensible manner, of course, should be words that have to do with your company. For example, on our website, thebract.com, we publish blog posts several times per week on topics pertinent to marketing and communication. This way, we can discuss important topics about the industry while simultaneously optimizing our SEO so that Google can recognize us as a site for marketing and have it be presented when someone searches for it. (If you don’t believe us, type “Communication Agency Tel Aviv” and you’ll see us on page 1) The best part: it’s essentially free. Write some cool stuff using words that have to do with your website and be consistent. 

Branding is crucial in order for you to succeed.

Your clients don’t have the time to pay attention to what you do, nor do they want to. When they open your website, chances are, they’re not going to overanalyze every little aspect like we did (sorry). But that’s precisely the problem, isn’t it? Nothing about your website stands out to them, so it’s just another startup site they’ve come across. First things first, we have to get one thing straight: branding is not just a cute logo, it is a strategy. Your brand is who you are and what you represent. It has to be true to you, but also relatable to all of your users. 

How are people going to perceive you? How do you want them to perceive you? This all has to do with how you brand yourself. Create a positive image and outlook for yourself and your future consumers. We at the BRACT agency strongly believe that you should create products that have a positive impact while incorporating kindness into every project. When anyone can understand you quickly, this is to us, kindness. Make them feel something and they will remember you. 

The only way to stand out is to show who you really are and remember why you started.

We’ve acknowledged how difficult it can be to create and properly develop a successful startup. There’s no denying it. And at some point along the way you might get a little lost. That’s okay. We’re only human. But you have to remember that you’re not alone. When you find yourself losing interest in the idea you came up with, please remind yourself why you started.

Think of it this way: if you don’t believe in yourself, why would the investor in search of a startup to help fund, semi-listening to your pitch, believe in you? What if they only invest into your startup exactly what you invest into yourself? 5%? 10%? Make sure, more than anything, that you trust yourself. And that you believe in yourself 100%. 

(And if the geeks, at any point, need a little assistance or advice for the website development, we can provide that, too. )

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“If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will do it for you.” -Kobe Bryant
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