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Your favorite music still has something to offer.

Bose is an American manufacturing company which predominantly sells audio equipment. This is a competition brief. This work was not published, but we loved working on it so here it is.

If the quality of Bose's sound system is what makes them different and stand out, how can we express it?

We oriented our strategy this way: you can listen to the same music a hundred times, but with Bose you’ll listen to it differently. Rediscover your classics and enjoy it like it was the first time. Having a touch of humour and being disruptive is a way to entertain our target. We know they already have received hundreds of messages showing young, charismatic and inspiring people, so using a different type of muse was a way to create a cut.

We know our target knows their classic and is not entertained anymore by the usual messages. With our advertising clip, we wanted to intrigue and have an original touch to surprise and make them laugh. For our print we wanted a message as simple as possible, something minimalist that looks like an evidence.


OOH Campaign

OOH Campaign

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