Héritage & Succession

About this Project
How to create the most intuitive and caring interface for a target in distress?
Brand strategy • Brand identity • Website Design


Heritage & Succession is a french website dedicated to patrimony, insurance, and legacy problematics. The team's writers built trust over the years by bringing all their compassion to their content. The website is a true reference and helps thousands of people dealing with the saddest problems: "How will I fight for my dad's money after his death while my brother wants to steal all of it?"


When you have to redesign a website seen 7millions times, it is a challenge. When you have to both redesign a website and talk to a sensitive, demanding, in a rush target, it is a double challenge.

Our Strategy

Our strategic team had to consider this kind of problem and understand that most of our visitors are aging and facing severe issues.
We build, what we think, the most intuitive, joyful, artistic way of talking about death and preventing spoliation problems.


From 61.000/month visitors to 123.000/month visitors in 4 month after launch. Without investing 1$ in Adwords.

Logo & Symbol
Home Page
Navigation Optimized, Users can find easily and directly what they're looking for.
Article Page
Of course, designed for Mobile and Tablets.
Since we launched the website in December 2020, the website went from 61k visitors per month to 123k visitors per month in March 2021.
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