5 websites built using Webflow that blew our minds.

Building a website can be easy, but when it comes to building a professional website, that's something else. Webflow offers us the opportunity to be as creative and demanding as we want! Check it out!
November 3, 2021
5 websites built using Webflow that blew our minds.

When we built our agency, we absolutely wanted to build websites. 

After establishing our company, we quickly understood that the process of building websites from scratch was long, confusing, time-consuming and way too expensive. As a client, company, service provider, freelancer (or any other title a person in this industry can have), etc., we understand how pricey hiring these reinforcements can be. So, as a little cheat sheet, with years of education and experience incorporated, we wrote a little about website structure. 

Most of the professional digital agencies would follow those steps: 

  • First, build wireframes to define the structure of each page. This comes in handy when you need to agree on a specific layout with your client.
  • Second, they will work on the tedious design of the elements. This part usually takes a really long time. Everything is crafted in Photoshop or Adobe XD, Figma, etc., which allows the designer to be as free and creative (but not realistic).
  • And then they send the design idea to developers, who either charge a huge amount of money to work on it or kill the design because they’re not able to properly execute it.

That’s why we use Webflow: We combine all 3 steps into one! 

When it comes to execution, we design and develop at the same time. And you know what’s the most satisfying thing about Webflow? Changes take a second and publishing takes half of a second. Magic? Maybe. Technology? Definitely!

Here are some examples of the most inspiring sites we’ve found on Webflow. (except ours, obviously)

How to be successful.


Sam Altman reorganizes the steps to be successful. We love how the UX/UI of the website supports the message. It’s fluid, immersive, and each step pushes the preceding ones, which tells us that each successful step needs to be acquired. While browsing and scrolling through the site, you’ll find that as one thing moves, everything else does, too. Simultaneously. While in some cases this can be an eyesore or deterrent for the user, it actually flows incredibly well and everything works cohesively. 



If you want a website that screams fun and will, without a doubt, steal the spotlight from any other, think differently and don’t be afraid to push your creative ideas further. When you open ‘Vacation’s’ site, you are greeted with videos of vacationers on the beach enjoying the sun (safely, of course. It is a sunscreen company, after all). As soon as the site opens, it’s very clear that they are going for that 80’s vibe, which feels pretty unique and original. We love the execution as it seems “bold” and definitely accurate to their brand strategy.  The consumer should get the point you’re trying to get across as soon as they open the site.


We are Kibana.


The mix of colors, images, fonts, visuals, etc., all contribute to the company’s message: fun. Wherever you go, you should go with Kibana, but nonetheless, you should have fun and enjoy whatever you’re doing. The website flows incredibly well, too. This adds to the feeling they want you to have when you arrive at their premises. It’s all about making people feel something. 



When creating and designing a website, the best-case scenario is for your website to have the ability to convey a message or a feeling that the viewer can sense immediately. Tangan’s site advertises his masseuse business with such grace and softness that the audience is forced to feel it while scrolling through the site. The colors, images, scrolling capabilities, and everything else convey his message clearly: calmness & relaxation through your screen.



Let’s discuss niches. When creating something that you have big plans for, you have to ensure that something exactly like it does not yet exist. And if something already does, yours has to be better. Now, Poparazzi’s site is targeted toward a younger generation and it does an incredible job of acquiring one’s attention. We can definitely determine that while their product might not be completely one of a kind (which is okay!), their website definitely grabs the attention from a sector of the market that it’s target will be attracted to.