The Internet can be heaven and hell.

The technological universe is quite extensive and broad, so there is no choice other than to use it to your advantage. But how do you define what will benefit you? 
Lisa Picovschi
November 3, 2021
The Internet can be heaven and hell.

So, how can you use the internet to your advantage? This is a relative question, but we’re going to try and answer this from a heart-centered point of view. 

In marketing and communication, the Internet is a necessity when it comes to making a small success becoming a huge one. It is the most definitive way to amplify the accuracy in business. The question is, though, how can we use the internet to our advantage, without putting anyone else at a disadvantage?

It can be Hell.

The Internet created something unique: people from all over the world have access to the same platform via a screen. I don’t know about you, but in the early 00s, online pornography and blog networks appeared and every decent parent was terrified for their kids. (I even remember my little brother advertising in his online profile that he was 1m43, 134kg, and sixty-three years old to scare away malicious internet users.)

The potential of having anonymity can absolutely be used as a good thing. Whether it be an anonymous donation to a student’s ‘GoFundme’ or a simple stranger consoling another in their time of need. The problem at hand is human-kind’s inability to only use things for good. After the internet’s creation, malicious intent wasn’t far behind. People began to use it to steal, hurt, threaten, terrify, and the list goes on. Unfortunately, it is still used that way, today. 

We’ve seen it recently with the use of social media and political debates. People login without any ID requirement. This led to intense aggressive behaviors because the computer screen in front of you gives you the ability to say anything without repercussion.

Like most things, despite being invented to help people, the Internet tended to bring out the worst in people before it brought out the good. 

It can be Heaven, too.

How many couples have met and started dating thanks to dating apps? How many organizations have been saved by Facebook groups? How much culture and knowledge can you access freely?  How many estranged families have been reunited via social media? 

Websites have been created with the sole purpose of connecting people from around the world. So, does this indicate that all people really want is a real, human connection? It almost seems ironic: trying to achieve a genuine connection through a digital screen. 

However, it has worked for so many individuals; many of which are often on opposite sides of the world. When you are unable to connect with anyone around you, you try an alternative resource. Despite the strange source, it sometimes ends up working out for you. 

As a marketing and communication agency, we have the ability to connect with people all over the world, and meet passionate and talented designers and developers that we would have never met, otherwise. 

How can we use the great part of the internet?

At BRACT, we believe in utilizing every positive aspect of something, and if there are no positive aspects to be found, we create them. 

Google is the number one resource on the internet. Use it to your advantage. Feed the machine with knowledge, culture, care, and compassion. 

For the fashion industry, the number one resource for engagement and lead generation is Instagram. Who would’ve thought? The industry acknowledged this, and all of the companies (or perhaps just the intelligent ones) jumped on board.  They saw an opportunity to amplify their reach, and took it. 

This is an excellent example of the perfect opportunity presenting itself. However, we implore you not to sit back and wait for the opportunity. Take risks and create the opportunities yourself. 

Does the internet reveal the truth about people?

Depending on how you utilize the internet says an enormous amount about you. Your values, beliefs, your soul… All of these traits are showcased to the people you connect with digitally. Perhaps this is the beauty that comes with the negativity that the internet may bring. There may be people who use the internet for other peoples’ disadvantages, but what do their actions say about them? 

If you start a business, and the premise is to help the less fortunate gain access to free medical care, your goal is to eradicate unnecessary distress to those who cannot help themselves, then you are using technology for good. The website you create to represent your brand will have a good purpose. 

On the other hand, someone with a malicious heart may create a website advertising the same purpose, but may take people’s donations and keep the money for themselves. 

Now, say this ‘malicious-hearted’ person came up with the idea on their own. They didn't steal any ideas or website design.  Does this suggest that their intentions were entirely ill-intended? 

Is there ever a clear separation between the bad people with good intentions and vice-versa? 

We found a few ways to use it for good.

As an agency, we started with a purpose: to incorporate compassion and kindness into everything we do. We truly believe that the world needs more acts of love and care without expecting anything in return. 

So, we’ve curated a list of ways to use the internet to your business’s  benefit, and others’, too:

  • If everything is about being anonymous, be as authentic as possible. 
  • Be careful with what you post, because once you release something on the internet, it no longer belongs to you. 
  • Danger exists. You have to be aware of the threats. Hackers will try to steal and sell your content. 
  • Scammers will steal your ideas. Protect yourself, your data, your servers, your identity
  • The internet was made for connecting with people everywhere, use this to your advantage. Build a community for yourself and for your business.
  • Don’t take the internet so seriously. It’s important, but the main focus should remain on what’s occurring in front of you. 

The internet can (kind of) turn off, but remember, everything else remains.