How to make people talk about your product?

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April 18, 2021

As advertisers, what we look for is engagement. By engagement we mean the probability of having a significant impact with our message among your target. How do we know if it worked? We measure the success of advertisements based on whether the consumer finds it relevant, appealing, correct and if they will remember it or not. Is this old school? Maybe, maybe not. But it works.

Put the customer first.

Here's a great example. Zara only spends 0.3% of sales on advertising and is one of the most successful companies in its industry. So, how exactly is this accomplished? From the beginning they always put their customers at the center of every decision made. Any time a client loved or hated a product, the information would instantly travel to the Zara headquarters. The team in charge of choosing what collections would be stocked each store would take this information and apply it to the following week’s store inventory. The factory would also change its production according to the feedback they got. This would continuously go unnoticed by customers, but it is a brilliant tactic to increase sales and satisfy customers. Call it a virtuous circle.

Create a product for people, not for you.

As entrepreneurs, when we create and release a product or service, it takes time to  properly understand if it's the right one or not. So many scenarios could occur that would slow the understanding of whether your creation is up to par or not. The production might be slow and expensive, we may not have direct feedback from our customers, or we don't have the time to test it properly.  We are convinced that if it would solve our pain points, it would absolutely help someone else. This is not always the case. I don't know about you, but I've seen many entrepreneurs fail because they didn't listen closely enough to their target. 

When you create your product, from the formulation to the packaging, every little detail has to be accounted for. Are you going to sell it to yourself or a thousand people? When we listen to the need, the real one, of our potential consumers, we create a product that speaks for itself. A great entrepreneur is someone that carefully understands a global problem and puts all of his efforts into properly solving it. When you work on your solution, think about how your users will live with it, how it will help them every day, how it will change their lives. If you do this, you'll create a great product. Sit back and watch the magic happen.

Word of mouth was, is, and will always be the best advertising. 

When your customer finally buys your product, and they enjoy it, they will begin to talk about it organically. Why would you keep something so great all to yourself, anyway? They will also talk about it if the product does not meet their standards, so make sure what you release is the absolute best it can be. People share their discoveries with their family, friends, and coworkers. Mostly, because they like to help others, but also because it makes them feel good to be trendsetters. This is how our agency works. We focus on your customers and how they perceive you because we care and want you to succeed in the long term. Feel free to review our services to get to know more.

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