Ted Talks We Love Part 2

Because everybody needs some inspiration at some point. 
November 3, 2021
Ted Talks We Love Part 2

Creating a branding and marketing agency or any other business is a marathon. A long road to get to your point: success. Success has a different definition for each one. Some may think it's completely free to work when you want, where you want, and for who you want. Some may see it as a crazy amount on their bank account, and some, like us, focus on crazy results and growth for our clients. (No worries, we're sure they all do…)

That being said…

Waking up every morning with your fears, your anxieties about the future is completely normal! If you're a human being with a few neurons, you may picture your failure more easily than your success. It's very human of you. Truth is, we know how we could fail. We know that people could create the exact same company across the globe; they could steal your dream investor and consumers; your market could flip totally upside down (Hello COVID-19!) and leave you bankrupt… But no! We don't want to focus on that. Leaving an opportunity for what could go wrong creates some space. And you know what they say "you create what you fear the most." So, that being said... if you end up scared, lonely, without any solutions, we have good news: you're not the only one!! You have thousands of resources to help you out, to refresh your thinking, and to show you that sometimes, some failures are just the start of a fantastic story. 

The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross

Why do businesses succeed? Great question. But an even better one: Why do they fail? 

Bill Gross breaks down the factors that contributed the most to a successful company. He narrowed them down to these: idea, team, business model, funding & timing. All of these seem extremely important to build a successful business. However, the one thing that Mr. Gross found that the most important factor was timing. So, what they say is true: Timing is everything. 

A guide to believing in yourself (but for real this time) | Catherine Reitman | TEDxToronto

If you don't believe in yourself, who is going to?

You have to find an opportunity (the second it presents itself) and just say yes. And if there are people who will doubt you and prepare to watch you fail, you disallow their opinions to mean anything to you. Push forward and achieve everything you want to achieve. Why? Because you can. But it won't always be easy. 

The Power of an Entrepreneurial Mindset | Bill Roche | TEDxLangleyED   

As future generations start to get older, they realize that school does not equal success. The ideas and methodologies that young adults learn in school are not necessarily what they will need to start a business or be an entrepreneur. The school doesn't give you an entrepreneurial mindset. This being said, Bill Roche explores the various ways to nurture an entrepreneurial mindset and found proof that it can be built over time despite not being taught this way in school. You have to challenge yourself, business-wise. Rouche states that being academically advanced in school doesn't coincide with having entrepreneurial attributes. 

What makes an entrepreneur? | Sahar Hashemi | TEDxYouth@Bath

Sahar Hashemi recounts the story of how she accidentally became an entrepreneur. She had an incredible idea, but the thought of executing it and turning it into a business herself never crossed her mind. She wanted someone else to do it. Eventually, she pursued it alongside her brother, and it became one of the most successful chains in the UK. To be an entrepreneur, you don't need special education, a ton of experience, or an exponential amount of funding. Everyone can do it. It's a process. Hashemi gives credit for having the idea and never giving up on her successful business.