What are the UX UI trends for 2023?

written by
Lisa Picovschi
December 13, 2022

Are you a designer? Do you want to stay ahead of the trends and know what will be popular in 2023? Then this post is for you! I gathered some data and did some research, and here are the UX UI trends that I predict will be huge in 2023. Some of them may surprise you! So read on to find out what's hot in the design world.

The rise of conversational interfaces

The rise of conversational interfaces is revolutionizing the UX UI design market. Personalized copywriting and immersive language are becoming ever more relevant as the field rapidly grows and develops. UX UI designers are now able to create breathtaking interfaces that completely revolutionize the way people interact with technology. Chatbots and voice-controlled objects mean that users can gain quick solutions to their everyday problems in a far more efficient manner than before. Tools like VideoAsk or Tolstoy enable you to directly showcase your pretty face on any support! As UX/UI continues to evolve, languages used to become more sophisticated, creating deeper connections than ever before between humans and machines, but now, you take your voice over to the next level!

VideoAsk, comment transformer votre site en machine à Lead ?

The importance of motion design

Motion design is a vital component of modern communication. It allows animations to be used in creative and meaningful ways to grab attention and engage with viewers. Animations can bring life to any ordinary message, making it more impactful and memorable. Motion design can be used to easily communicate complex ideas while making them seem simple and intuitive. It eliminates the need for long blocks of text or lengthy explanations because animations provide cues that guide viewers in the right direction. So in 2023, we'll use motion design to better share messages, saying less to have a better impact! How fun!!

black and white design GIF by Motion Addicts

Increased use of AR and VR in design

The continued rise of augmented and virtual reality in the field of design has opened up many innovative opportunities for businesses to entice and engage customers. With the help of AR and VR, designers can create a unique experience, replicate realistic elements, and create immersive animations and simulations. This technology can be used to not only make vivid and realistic pictures but also create a more interactive experience for the viewer. Thanks to AR and VR advancements, companies no longer have to rely solely on traditional design techniques; instead, they have a wealth of digital tools at their disposal that allow them to quickly bring their imaginative designs to life.

Ar Augmented Reality GIF by Futurebiz

The return of skeuomorphism

Everybody thought 3D realistic design was out of date, but it seems that skeuomorphism is making a triumphant comeback. We all knew it in the past as "realistic 3D-looks-like" objects, like those old calculator apps or mail apps in the early 2000s; now they're taking on an elevated aesthetic that we could call 3D skeuomorphic design - and we love it! 3D realistic design is back to give contemporary applications a vintage look and feel, and who doesn't enjoy something with a little more nostalgia? We won't have to worry about outdated interfaces with the 3D realistic design once again becoming popular.

Flat design goes 3D

3D design is already around the corner for a few years, but now, wow, we're gonna take it to another level! Say goodbye to cartoons and animations; 3D promises to bring us into the world of virtual and augmented reality, making us feel like we can actually be in 3D. 3D design is expected to revolutionize entertainment and businesses, with 3D animations used to simulate processes or practice simulations. No matter what industry you are in, 3D looks like it's here to stay!

Design by Peter Tarka

More focus on micro-interactions

If micro-interactions were a kind of food, they'd definitely be the dessert--sweet and short, with a bigger impact. A micro-interaction is the little something that makes an experience just that bit better or more memorable, like a button click or popup alert. Its embedded design is maintained through Javascript and WebGL to ensure micro-interactions elevate boring experiences into something great. So, next time you're designing something fun or fabulous, don't forget to sprinkle some micro-interactions on top to take it from good to great!

Increased use of voice control

We live in a world where Siri, Alexa, and Google Home have become commonplace. Using voice control is becoming easier and more natural every day. In fact, it's not uncommon to catch people asking Siri or Alexa random questions in public, hoping they won't get weird looks! From using it to dim the lights in your living room to play an old-school game of Jeopardy, voice control gives us another tool in our digital arsenal. On the downside, these digital assistants made me realize that Siri has been giving me attitude all along... maybe now I can afford a personal assistant who will actually listen?

Star Trek Computer GIF

Use of more natural colors and materials

Designers have a unique opportunity to promote sustainability by using more natural colors and materials when creating logos, websites, and other design elements. Through subtle design changes such as more muted colors that wouldn't be artificially produced and materials used in design projects that reflect their natural origin, design can not only be made beautiful but help to further sustain our environment. In web design specifically, through the use of 'green' technologies, design can ensure tremendous savings on the client's energy bill - saving energy means saving money! That has got to be one of the few instances where something that looks good can also feel great, especially regarding your wallet. At this point, it's as if brands are being expected to rise above environmental standards for design expectations - so let's do it! Let's design with nature in mind, add some green in the mix, and help preserve our world for generations to come.

Natural Cosmetics App

The popularity of the dark mode

In Webdesign, the dark mode has begun to go mainstream. Increasingly web developers are seeing the value in offering their users the choice between light and dark design modes for websites. This popular form of web design is very important as studies have shown that we look at a screen for almost 7 hours a day. Dark mode seems to be the most relaxing to the eyes! Dark mode designs also suit webpages with predominantly black and white photos as a backdrop. With its dramatic appeal, it is no wonder many web pages are now utilizing dark mode to enhance their web development projects. It may be an emerging trend in web design, but dark mode is clearly here to stay.

Dark Neumorphic Website Design

More focus on content personalization

With competition between companies growing, it is essential that consumers feel as though their individual needs are being met and that they are truly being catered to, so they will choose one business over another. Personalizing content - such as emails, advertisements, website content, or even product descriptions - can help create an experience tailored to the recipient's interests and needs, leading to greater customer satisfaction and success for a business. Moreover, utilizing data from previous interactions with customers helps inform what kind of content should be personalized for them. This could mean using demographic data or even basics like buying preferences. In this way, businesses can provide an improved marketing strategy by managing their customer relationships with the right messages at all the right times.


And there you have it! The top six design trends will be sure to dominate 2023. So what does this mean for the future? Well, we can expect to see more chatbots and voice-controlled applications, as well as a return to skeuomorphism in design. We'll also see more three-dimensional designs and an increase in the use of natural colors and materials. So whether you're a fan of these trends or not, it's best to be prepared for their arrival!

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