What is AI Marketing, and how will it change our job?

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January 11, 2022

In the last seven years, AI has hit the world like a storm, with new technologies created every day. We see it specifically impacting the marketing fields and can't help but think about our future. You always watch those Syfy movies about the future world where everything is robotic, and you think to yourself, ok, it's a movie now, but could that happen to us? What's coming? Should we begin to worry about it as technology becomes more advanced? Will we be out of a job and replaced by a robot more intelligent than us? Elon Musk said, "We're going to have the choice of either being left behind and being effectively useless or like a pet– you know, like a house cat or something– or eventually figuring out some want to be symbiotic and merge with AI." 

What are AI and AI Marketing?

To understand what AI marketing is, let's first define what AI is on its own. Artificial intelligence uses computers and technology to copy the human mind's brain's problem-solving and decision-making abilities. AI marketing uses AI concepts to make automated decisions based on data collection, analysis, and additional observations of audience or economic trends that impact marketing efforts. AI is used in marketing where speed is essential and ensures maximum efficiency. 

AI in logos and branding 

Companies like Looka, logo master.ai, Tailor Brand are just a few out of the pool of companies who solely use AI to make a logo and branding for a customer's business. The logos are based on algorithms, design preferences, inspiration, and accumulated knowledge from millions of users to create a logo for a company. 

AI for Website building

Sketch2code by Microsoft, Zacoda, and Teleport HQ came out with a genius idea where it relies on AI to transform a handwritten UI design from an image to a valid HTML markup code.

AI in Videomakers

GilaCloud, Synthesia, and InVideo are video generators that, with the help of AI, can seamlessly create professional-looking videos from existing content in minutes! No expertise in video editing is needed at all to use these platforms. 

AI in E-commerce websites

As far as AI in e-commerce websites goes, Namogoo has you set. To list a few tools of what they offer. They offer an intent-based promotion package that delivers more effective promotions while saving your margins for every shopper. They know all your shopping habits and which deal you will jump on first. Kind of creepy, right?? Well, that's AI for you. Their other package, called Customer Hijacking prevention, gets rid of the competitor offers on your companies site that grabs customers' attention and your revenue. 

How can AI help us?

To Help craft quick ideas 

It could be hard to explain what you are looking for with a human designer, and they could make something that doesn't connect to you at all. When it's AI-powered, you can get a more precise direction of what you want, make your revisions, and see how your ideas look in different contexts—stuff when you hire a human designer, you are limited.

To help with budget 

For startups on a tight budget and can't afford to hire a whole team of professionals, AI marketing could be an excellent resource for them. 

You Need things done quick and easy 

Some companies don't want to deal with the back and forth of hiring a creative team. Using AI technologies allows you to craft quick ideas and get them out there fast and efficiently.

It could be more intelligent than a human

AI-powered technology is like having the brain of millions of people at your fingertips. AI can answer complex problems that humans cannot solve and identify patterns in large amounts of data. 

What are the limitations of AI Marketing?

One word authenticity. As creative as AI could seem, it could never match the creativity of a professional. The problem with using AI in certain marketing efforts is that your work could look very similar to other people's businesses. You could sit easily and rest knowing that the job you are getting from your professional team is one of a kind. 

It is doubtful AIs will replace humans because human intelligence is a gift of nature that can't be built in a machine. Did you know that today, the most powerful computer only has the equivalent number of neurons of a dog? (Ok, maybe a smart dog, not your aunt’s chihuahua.) Let's not forget that devices don't have any emotions or moral values, which is crucial in marketing efforts. 

AI can't replace humans' ability to alter their response to changing environments. AIs input doesn't change, so it needs to be reassessed, re-trained, and re-built whenever there is a change in the information. 

As far as design is concerned, AIs creativity is limited to the creative ability of the person who programs and commands them. They could help you plan and create something special, but they will never compete with the human brain. 

How will innovation change the way we work?

Innovation is finding new ways and ideas, modifying business models, and adapting to changes to achieve better service and products. As people depend more on AI for their marketing needs, hiring an agency will become more and more of a luxury. To stay with the times, professionals will have to improve the quality of their products to remain competitive. They will have to be up to date on the new trends and see what is working and not working, or their business will plateau. Innovation helps you stay ahead of the competition in the rapidly changing market. Brands will have to up their game on bringing value and creating a unique experience for their consumers. 

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