Why hiring an agency is more than an investment.

When hiring an agency, companies are always skeptical about their return on investment. How will you evaluate precisely your gains and not waste time, money, or both? A great product would sell by itself, so why would a communication and marketing agency do it better?

The most precious resource is time.

Building a company, creating a product requires skills, precise skills. Suppose you are a tech startup, launching a cosmetic range or a B2B company. In that case, you may have noticed that you became naturally performant at managing your team, finding the right solutions, and evaluating insights from your market to turn it into a successful business.
Controlling everything and succeeding gives you the feeling that the marketing and advertising part would feel natural. You have a blurry idea of what your website should look like, but when it comes to executing all of those ideas, everything becomes more laborious. You end up wasting time. The time you could have to spend improving your product. (And we all know: time is money.)

Buy skills and knowledge.

If advertising were as easy as it seems, there wouldn't be tons of agencies. Every branding, advertising, marketing agency has its own process and way of thinking. When you hire a team to work on your project, it is crucial to verify their capabilities to understand your market. And what we call by market is mainly: trends, threats, opportunities, insights from your audience.
Analytical thinking is crucial to success. The closer you get to reality, the more chance you'll have to touch your audience. We sell a product to people, so first we get to know them. Bract's team knows exactly how to collect this data. Where to look and what for.  

When it comes to design content, every agency, every designer will come up with something different because there's not a single possibility but thousands. The only difference is the way you build it and why. We usually hear that an excellent execution doesn't need justification. We agree, but creative thinking and art direction stay subjective. It's because we understood your target fully that we can explain why our proposition may be the right one. Everything is linked; everything must make sense.

Surround yourself with a strong and supportive team.

Creating a company and making it successful is hard, and we don't hear it enough. That's why we call ourselves "benevolent." We work with clients we want to help and support in their process. Remind them why they wake up every morning and why they are fighting hard. If one day, our clients struggle, we want to make them feel that they have a strong team behind to support them. Talk to, challenge their ideas, make it more significant and more impactful, or just pivot and how.

We've seen in Europe companies being literally saved by an advertising campaign. For the quick story: Airwaves gum's, were not supposed to be so strong, the factory made a mistake. Instead of wasting all the production, Airwaves went to an advertising agency, and they had a brilliant strategy: Make it a super strong flavored gum for people with bad breath.
Communication and advertising can have tremendous power: no one lost a job, the production kept going on, and Airwaves became a super successful brand.

Make a beautiful change.

Our agency has a little twist; we want to act for good. We've seen way too many boring campaigns. We know how much it cost for the client and how much money they're waisting. We care about our future generation, and we want to leave a significant mark. Every single company and brand needs communication. That's why we think it's a fantastic opportunity to make a change. Our clients shouldn't compromise on the quality and efficiency of production. We make sure to merge both: high-quality content and benevolent messages: which is, to us, the best combination.

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