About this Project
Disconnect, while staying connected.
Branding • Product Design • Website Creation


breeze is an IOT project we developed in San Francisco. We thought it was nice to show you what we're capable of as we're super proud of this project! breeze earplugs offer up to 70 decibels of noise cancellation. You can filter your notifications to remain in silence but to let your most important call or emergencies go through. You will never miss your alarm again, your jewish mum's call or your most important meeting.


breeze is currently raising awareness, so how could we simplify as much as possible the lecture of the page?

Our Strategy

A design as minimalist as possible, focused on wording to enhance the USPs of the product.


From a student project to a potential successful startup.

Logo & Symbol
Application, Home Page & Meditation Playlist
Sleep Tracker & Notification Filter
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