Life - Superpharm

Creating a product that speaks by itself

The Brand

Life is the brand of Superpharm, leading pharmacy chain in Israel. This work was not published, but we loved working on it so here it is:


Israelis buy their body soap and shampoo by opening the bottle and smelling it.

Brand Strategy

Catching the eyes by representing what they will smell inside the bottle. Simplifying the customer journey by revealing all the ingredients of the product. Creating a cute packaging easy to adapt to every smell.

How did we expressed benevolence in this project?

We know our target generally buys their cosmetics with a lot of things in their hand, they have 2secs to decide which one they want to buy, the kids are screaming and running everywhere, so we tried to simplify as much as possible the customer journey. When buying a shampoo or body soap our target focus on the smell and the ingredients, so we clearly represented it to showcase it the more esthetically way.