Creating a fairytale in your daily lives.

The Brand

Life is the brand of Superpharm, leading pharmacy chain in Israel. This work was not published, but we loved working on it so here it is:


How can we drive people to buy more perfume for the holidays without looking too commercial? 

Brand strategy

You don't buy perfume like you would buy anything else, you want to be feel something. By creating a dreamlike environnement we bring a little bit of fairytale and create an experience. Just like perfume is. 

How we expressed benevolence in this project?

We all have this way of seing perfume like a part of our identity, and we take time to decide which one would suits ourselves best. We wanted to create an atmosphere of dream, even if consumers would come to the store and not buy anything, we wanted to make them feel and be amaze by the set. If they needed time to decide which one to buy, at least they would spend time in a beautiful environment.