How to create a landing page to raise money for your start up?

Creating a landing page to start raising money for your startup is an exciting and stressful time. How can we help as a branding and digital agency you may ask. Well, we're entrepreneurs as well ;)
February 17, 2022
How to create a landing page to raise money for your start up?

Creating a landing page or website to start raising money for your startup is an exciting and stressful time. You're finally getting your idea out there and making it a reality. Creating a landing page is no easy task. You have one page to get your message across, and that's it. So making sure you know what should go on is crucial. We are here to give you some ideas of starting, and we hope it helps. 

Build your landing page just like an investor pitch

List the following in your pitch: 


What is the problem you spotted and you’re trying to solve? Be as specific as possible, your investor don’t have the time to read. 


What is your answer to the problem? Your unique solution.

Proof of concept

What is your execution? Your product? Your MVP? Or prototype? Features? List them precisely, one by one.


Who is your target market? How are you going to reach them? What are their pain points? How your solution truly help them.


How will you make money? Most importantly, how do you plan on returning the investors' money?


What makes you different from your competition? 

Your funding needs (optional)

How much money do you need to go to the next level? 


Explain your solution like you would to a Five-year-old or your grandpa. Dumb it down and be concise with your wording. If the investor is visiting your website, the chances are that they are already aware of what they want to invest their money in. 

When you look at your manuscript over and over, you lose sight of what's essential so have someone go through your copy and cut out any irrelevant information. Having a fresh pair of eyes could do wonders. The last thing you want is to overwhelm the investor with too much text, keep the design clean, and the number of words to a minimum. 

Your branding says a lot - stand out from the crowd

If you put time into building your brand identity, it naturally says to your investor, 'hey, I believe in my idea, my product, so I spent time crafting my brand.' They want to see that you care and are invested because if you aren't, why should they be? Don't skip this vital step and slack off on your branding, just because you want to rush and get your message out there already. Relax and take a breath. Wouldn't you rather have a thorough and polished brand identity where you've thought about every detail so you won't have to do a rebranding any time soon? You will show your investors you are a professional, who thinks deeply about every decision and they will trust you and your brand even more. 

Be coherent with your call to action

Contact us is not enough, what do you need? Data? Testing? Email? Money?

Be super specific with the investors of your wants, and don't beat around the bush. Now is the time to be super straightforward. The potential investors don't have the time and patience to guess what you want from them, tell them. Focus on one call to action this way, you draw specific attention to your main request. Multiple calls to action can distract the investor and make them less inclined to give your startup money. 

SEO can make a difference

Your landing page needs to be properly SEO optimized for getting the proper attention and traffic. Choose your keywords wisely and put those words into a search engine. Find out if any websites are similar to your landing page and switch keywords to stand out. Choosing a reasonable title tag is also super important. It's what drags the user's curiosity to click on your website. Do not add more than 65 characters to your title tag and keep it interesting. The meta description tag, which is right under the title tag, shows a description of your product. Keep it simple and state your landing pages subject and make sure it doesn't go over 150-160 characters.