How to make sure you got the right marketing strategy?

A marketing strategy establishes the overarching direction and objectives of your marketing efforts. A solid marketing strategy is a defining pillar to start your brand off in the best direction possible. 
February 24, 2022
How to make sure you got the right marketing strategy?

First: Think Effectiveness. 

For your company to be the most efficient version of itself, you need to start by writing down your objectives. Write down your current budget and future budget expectations. Know the goals both short and long term of your company and develop practical steps to achieve them. Write a timeline of the steps you see your company taking in the next five years and make it as precise as possible. 

Second: Brand review 

A brand review is a process where you examine your brand's position in the market. The first step in a brand review is learning all the ins and outs of your brand itself and what you guys are all about. The next step is knowing your competitor's advertising strategy. This means doing in-depth analyses to find out what form of communication they use to reach their audience, where they are successful, and where they are lacking. Once you find out this information, you will have a clearer understanding of your brand's placement, and the next strategic steps your company needs to take. 

3rd: Target audience 

Understanding who your target audience is is a vital part of your marketing strategy. 

You have to know: 

  • What do they want? 
  • How do they think?
  •  What do they relate to?

The more knowledge you have of them, the more targeted your sales are. We’re not saying you have to know how they sleep and eat, but honestly, getting to know them up and personal is very important. This is not the time to be shy! Using AI as a tool for this is an excellent idea because it tracks the patterns of your consumers and gives you data on them that you couldn’t get on your own.

4th: Trends

Trends are constantly changing, so having someone on your team staying on top of them at all times is very important. Knowing the trends around you makes it easier to set your business apart from your competitors. It's also crucial to be open-minded because you might connect more to some trends than others and have to do things that might be uncomfortable for your brand at first. Corporate companies and Luxury brands are being put in awkward situations more than ever by entering the world of Reels and Tik Tok. If they refuse to do this, they risk falling into the cracks and their business going under. On the other hand, the brands that don't fear these changes are coming out stronger and more confident. 

5th: Advertising Campaign and Media Planning

Creating and picking the right content for your advertising campaign is a huge step. It could be quite time-consuming as well. But hopefully, once you know who the content is directed towards, it will be easier for you to develop your ideas. 

Knowing which media platform to use for your advertising campaign is the next step when you have the content and design ready. You may try one media platform and switch, which is typical when starting out. You might have to meet with a social media expert who knows all the different options and can tell you which one will better suit your company. 

6th: Stay true to yourself

If you don’t believe in your business, talent, and why then no one will. Once you are absolutely committed, you will ensure that this enterprise that is taking all your time and energy is going to be successful. Every great company has a leader who has made its success their personal mission. This sense of determination empowers you to lead in times of profitability and adversity. It inspires all those around you. Write your company mission statement when you’re confident and energized. Use this to remind you why you are working so hard when times get tough.