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What is a Brand Review?



What is a Brand Review?                                                                    

The Brand Review is a global audit of your brand conducted by our agency. It helps us understand your pain points and your market to help set the right strategy, almost like an investigation into your company. (You could say we're like the C.I.A of digital marketing.) It is an integral part of the brand analysis as it gives us an in-depth and clarified look at every aspect of your company. It will improve your brand's consistency among all social media platforms as well as throughout the execution of your website. We know that every company, at one point or another, needs advertising assistance. We do our absolute best to study anything and everything that can help us make sure every decision we make with you is the right one. 

Where does a Brand Review start?‍‍ 

A good advertiser has ideas; an excellent one knows your market by heart. 

We start by getting to know you as best as we can, which means doing a branding review, an analysis your website's performances, your social media analytics, pretty much everything that worked and didn't! We will dedicate as much time as it necessitates without skipping any details—your factories, laboratories, offices, team, etc. We review everything. The BRACT agency is notorious for being extremely diligent in every analysis performed.

We then study your competitors. We focus on their communication and advertising strategies. Both direct and indirect. We collect as much data as we possibly can. Even though branding is a creative work, we base our production on real facts. What made you succeed?  Fail? What are the general trends? Is it safe to follow or to create an atypical identity? 

In terms of familiarizing ourselves with your market, we often start with your company's employees. Getting to know them is vital in understanding your company's approach. The way you view your consumers and company approach could differ from that of your employees. Everyone needs to be on the same page. 

How do we study your market?               

We focus on their marketing strategy. We take a close look at your competitors' visual identity and brand strategy to differentiate you. What are their brand values? Which media do they use, and why? What kind of packaging do they have? What is their target, and how do they talk to them? We study your market both globally and locally. 

We use this information to compare and contrast the different techniques your company uses versus others. We analyze which social media platforms would serve as the best options for your company to maximize exposure. Our most imperative initiative is observing (1) the way your consumers perceive you,  (2) what makes your company unique to others and (3) ensuring every step taken to improve the brand includes kindness and compassion for your consumers. 

We have a precise strategy that we aim to follow on every project. The combination of market analysis, positioning & messaging, targeting, and creative strategy gives us the calculated approach to conjure up the perfect plan for proceeding in a positive direction. 

How do we get to know your consumers?‍                                         ‍

We then proceed by interviewing your future consumers; Here we do a specific survey. we look for the general trends and opportunities we can use. Mainly their pain points and how to solve them. When you know your users well, the way you talk to them becomes natural. We interview your target on their perception of your product, your market, and their hobbies and lifestyle. Any information we could obtain gives us resources for our communication. The closer you can get to your target, the better the message you send. As important as it is to create a service or product that your target consumer can use and love, it is more important for the company, in general, to feel relatable to its clientele. 

How do we study your market's trends and insights?‍

You are positioning your company on a market that is not waiting for you to make a move. We want to be aware of all the threats that could exist to protect you. Even if you are selling a specific type of product, the globalization of the economy forces us to look at other markets and their leaders. If you are selling cosmetics, we must study fashion, ready-to-wear and couture, and how it impacts your activity. Globally, what are the general trends and opportunities we can use?

By exploring indirect competitors (using the aforementioned example of cosmetics), we can find holes in the general genre that you are marketing to and create a niche for your company to fill. After all of this information is accumulated, it is organized and distributed in ways to demonstrate why you are the best at what you do. 

Why is a Brand Review important? 

If our experience has taught us anything, it's that every agency conducts their own individual version of a 'Brand Review'. Whatever works! That being said, we've found that we incorporate care unseen within the industry. We genuinely care about people, and we only work with brands that have that same mindset. 

Whether it's website creation, social media optimization, SEO or a complete rebranding, we are keen on doing whatever it takes to make your brand everything you envisioned it to be. We know that branding as a concept can be scary. Change can be difficult, especially when it concerns a company that you built from the ground up. We want you to succeed, and we are here to help. 

You must be wondering: so, what makes the BRACT the best choice? Wonderful question. We look at it this way: your consumers are incredibly intelligent. We put in an incredible amount of work just to understand your market because we know that if you don't understand your consumers fully, they will see right through you. Your intentions have to be pure. Before being an entrepreneur, you have to remember to be human. We do.