What branding will change, and how do I convince my boss to invest?

written by
Lisa Picovschi
December 19, 2022

Branding is one of those nebulous terms that everyone seems to understand but no one can quite define. It seems that every other agency or freelancer will have a different definition! And while some say it's simply a logo or tagline, others believe it's the entire experience customers have with a company.

I like to think of branding as the promise a company makes to its customers. It's the reason people choose one product over another or why they remain loyal to a certain company.

In short, your brand is what sets you apart from the competition and convinces people to buy from you again and again.

But how do you know if your brand is strong enough? How do you convince your boss to invest in rebranding?

Here are four changes that indicate it might be time for a refresh:

1. Your sales are stagnant or declining

2. You're not attracting quality leads

3 . Your customer base has shifted

4 . You've undergone major changes internally (e.g., merger, acquisition)

If any of these sounds familiar, it might be time for a new brand strategy—and here's how to convince your boss to invest in one.

Define branding to yourself first before pitching it to your boss

When it comes to branding, I like to think of it as quite simple - branding is essentially how a business expresses its personality to the world. Think of it like the perfect outfit for a night out or an important meeting - the branding is what helps give your business that edge, making sure everyone remembers you for all the right reasons. Branding covers everything from a company’s visual identity, logo, website, and even their tone of voice!

It’s telling your customers who you are and why they should do business with you. So if I were to pitch branding to my boss, I’d say, ‘investing in branding will make sure our business stands out from the crowd and makes a lasting impression on everyone we encounter- whether it be customers, suppliers, or investors!' But maybe that won't be enough... let's continue!

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In other words, branding would be like...

Be aware that branding won't solve all the problems of your company!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, branding is critical for companies wanting to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive landscape. Poor sales, low engagement, and a total lack of awareness suggest your business might be invisible among the sea of competitors – like a needle in a haystack! It's definitely time to consult the professionals and give your company the facelift it needs before you're washed away by all the other brands out there. Let's face it; if you don't have brand recognition, success is likely to remain just out of reach.


Having a cute logo, a strong positioning, and the right growth strategy won't solve all your company's problems, which you must be aware of! We even wrote an article questioning if branding could save a "bad" product. The question can be asked, for real. A great advertising campaign won't hide the fact that the fashion industry is the most polluting, just like having an amazing visual identity won't hide that your management team is really hard to work with! But anyways, a few games and a few "work retreats" with yoga and meditation should help your mean boss to relax. (If not, we have vodka!)

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Pitch the benefits of investing in branding

Have you noticed how the biggest brands in the world stand out from the crowd? That's no coincidence! Investing in a strong brand identity is essential for standing out in today's noisy environment and staying memorable. Bla Bla Bla, you know it. You're not stupid!

Here are the 5 real reasons all companies should invest in branding:

  • 1. Help your audience understand what you do and who you are quick.
  • 2. Help build trust: people tend to trust more easily something that looks good VS cheap (Palace 5* VS
  • 3. Gives a personality to your product: "Oh yes, the SAAS tech company with the cute teddy bear, yes, I remember them!"
  • 4. Embody your values: we know you stand by many important values, and branding helps to translate those ones into design
  • 5. Target more easily your dream consumers: Your audience has a specific taste and language, and only having a strong tailor-made branding can help touch them.

How do you finally find help to do the branding?

Are you feeling lost on your branding journey? Don't worry, help is right around the corner. You might think branding is a solo endeavor, but even the greatest minds need someone to bounce ideas off of. The first step to finding help with branding is to look up branding agencies or digital agencies in your area, Like Tel Aviv, Paris or San Francisco, or New York. Think of these professionals as branding guides who will help bring your mission and values to life in a unique, impactful way. Whether you are creating ads, building websites, or strategizing your next big campaign - it's always helpful to have professional partners that can simplify the branding process for you and make sure all the pieces fit together seamlessly.

In short, the ever-changing branding landscape means that companies that don't invest in staying ahead of the curve are at risk of being left behind. It's important to be able to convince your boss of the benefits of investing in branding so that you can stay ahead of the competition. Luckily, we've outlined some key points above that should help you make your case. How have you stayed ahead of the curve with branding in your industry?

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