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What is a Branding Strategy?



How to make sure you got the right Branding Strategy?

Creating a brand is tough, we know it, but when it comes to making decisions for your branding and choosing a design over another one, things get even more challenging.

In communication and marketing, there's never one single answer but an infinity. Actually, every agency will have a different way of seeing things and executing them, so how to make sure you're going in the right direction?

Agencies should not be 'one size fits all' companies, each should have their own individual features that set them apart. The client (you) should find an agency that works the best for them.

The goal of the brand strategy is to define your DNA, your brand values, your positioning and create consistency in your communication. You want every element to follow a specific pattern, so your consumers recognize your brand every time they're in contact with your product.

For that, at BRACT, we follow a specific methodology. We know that a good-looking logo, website, brochure can seem appealing. But... we also know that your brand identity, to stand out, must translate who you are. 

If you are aware of the competition, you must know that you're not the only one on the market. (Which is a shame because we're sure that your product is the best!) The only way to succeed is to express who you are because, guess what, you're the only one on the planet! (Crazy, right?)

We work to reveal the entrepreneur behind the product and how your brand should exist. We seek truth and authenticity because we know and validated: it is the ultimate way to engage your audience in the long term.

Let's do a diagnostic of your brand!

To get closer to you, our strategist starts by listing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats from your market. We don't skip any information. By having a clear overview of your brand, we can orient our work in a specific direction. 

We focus on your strengths and take into consideration seriously the threats of your market. We don't want to hide your weaknesses because it is what makes you different and authentic. For example, you could easily say in your marketing messages: "We're not the best at everything, but what we do, we do it perfectly." This way, you appear human, and everything rewards human behavior, even Google. 

After knowing you better, we establish a precise diagnostic, almost like a doctor would prescribe medicine to its patient. Your company may need a specific treatment. Our analytical skills give us the power to recommend exactly what kind of branding would suit your company and resolve your challenges. 

What is a Positioning and Brand Values?

Your positioning is a simple sentence that summarizes your brand essence. If you've heard Simon Sinek: "People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it," you may be familiar with this concept. Your positioning is the « why » of your company. The « why do you wake in the morning? » « why did you created this product? » « what do you want to change? ». It should be logical and authentic, and most importantly, it should come naturally. Please don't overdo it, don't overanalyze the meaning of everything. People don't have time for genuine intellectual concepts, and the truth is, "simple" ideas are sometimes the most complex ones. Just do it, from Nike doesn't make you think about Socrates? Or are we the only overthinker here? 

Your positioning will guide your communication and create absolute consistency in your production. Then only can we define your brand personality: the kind of relationship you want to keep with your consumers, and your brand values: friendly VS authority, low or high end, modern VS classic, etc. We make sure that your positioning is sustainable, credible, distinctive, and attractive.

How to select the right target?

In every field, if we miss our target, we don't properly execute our operation. In branding, it's precisely the same. 

At first, you may quickly develop a list of potential clients until things get blurry. If you want to succeed in your targeting, you have to be precise, like pixel-perfect accurate.

We know how significant the investment you're making is; that's why we focus on your target as if it were our own. Our goal at BRACT is to reconnect people. That's why our targeting is as developed as possible and relevant to your industry. We don't want to target the wrong people and bother them with your services. While your actual audience, waiting for your product, could have directly been targeted. We are as precise as possible: what do they do, when, what do they eat in the morning, when do they leave for work, do they live in a big apartment or small one, are more of a dog or cat person? 

We base our analysis on the study we made during our Audit, and we get as close as we can to your dream client

Ok, but when do we get creative?

As you may understand, branding is a lot of thinking, but the goal is to get the most accurate design execution, and for that, we come up with the creative strategy. We combine strategic and artistic thinking. The heart and the brain meet. We love to be as creative as possible, but we know we're not doing art, but marketing. Our objective is to create a specific atmosphere. Your target will understand your brand as quickly as possible and will remember you.

How do you work on the Creative Strategy?

The Strategic Planner brings "scientific" data to the Art Director. Together they craft the look and feel of your brand. As a team, they work on the best possible graphic design to distinguish your company and reveal its unique character. The artistic director bases his work on his knowledge and cultural references. He starts to imagine the tone of the branding by creating a clear mood board that we validate with you.

We carefully select which creative director we involve in your project. The Art Director determines the color palettes, typography, imagery, the overall visual, sound, and olfactory atmosphere to create the brand book. We don't skip anything.

When it comes to the creative strategy, how original can we be?

We live in a world where it feels everything has already been done, or worse, that trends set strict guidelines and rules. That's why being creative is a process. Creativity can also be defined as mixing ideas and concepts, merging two worlds, and involving cultural references. But before thinking about the most original design, we make sure to be easily understandable and efficient.