Why can't people remember your brand?

We receive approximately 3000 advertising messages each day. How many do you remember? Maybe once, you saw an ad on Instagram with a cute product, wanted to find it back and you couldn't. Is it because of your lame memory? Maybe the logo looked like every other logo, perhaps the design of the ad was pretty basic, but why couldn't you remember it?

Remembering a brand and its product is not automatic.

It's pretty much like meeting strangers at a party. You arrive, there are 30 people, and some shine more than others. Is it because of their look? Is it because of their attitude? Actually, both. But what are the chances to look good enough to please everyone?  Maybe if you put that dress or than button-up shirt, one or two people won't forget about you. But what if you spoke loudly and expressed your feelings, shared real stories, talking about your failures, and how you succeeded? Well, I can imagine that for some of you, that exercise must be threatening. Being vulnerable in front of strangers is hard, challenging, and can feel like jumping from the 6th floor of a building. But what do you prefer? Being unforgettable or invisible?

Brands work the same. Our brain selects information from "crucial" to "can live without," and most of the time, we remember things because they directly touched our feelings. We remember the smell of our grandma's cake, the feel of our first kiss, and that blowing advertising campaign that understood our pain point.

Advertisers and brands often forget that they're talking to people.

A "target" is not a group of stupid humans spending all of their last pennies on your new ice cream. It's individuals, with a life, with struggles, with specific tastes and desires, with dreams and passions. So, the next time you're designing a logo, crafting your brand strategy, and redesigning your website, think about you, but mainly think about them and what they really want.

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