Why should a high-tech startup invest in branding?

How can you stand out in the crowd when launching your tech?
September 13, 2021
Why should a high-tech startup invest in branding?

We all know the story of Steve Jobs in his garage building the first Macintosh and being proud to release it to the world. At the time, the revolutionary technology itself seemed like enough to get people’s attention. But nowadays, with actual competition and new startups emerging around the world every day, it can seem trickier. Developing a specific technology takes time and effort and can be especially overwhelming when it comes to marketing. You fear that it will be costly and without ROl. So, what are the real advantages of collaborating with a marketing firm?

Stand out in the crowd, and become unforgettable.

We're not going to tell you that you may have competitors. The tech industry is competitive. It is not a secret. So what is the real difference between startups A and B? Its logo? Its team? Its name? Who knows? But its message and fluid communication are for sure just a couple of the defining factors.

Sometimes tech geniuses are the most talented at creating a revolutionary solution, but when it comes to explaining it in one straightforward sentence, they come up blank. A marketing agency can help you find the right words. Copywriting, though often overlooked, is one of the most vital parts of a company’s development. Any sentence, paragraph, blog post that you post has to be exceptional. We can communicate, in one single sentence, precisely what you’re working on, or have already created, to your grandma, your butcher, and the nice, impressive investor sitting across from you in the meeting room. 

If this feels complicated, it's okay. Writing an advertising message needs skill, practice, references, culture and a specific way of thinking. (This is actually what you're buying.)  

It is imperative to possess the ability to adequately express your value proposition, your solution, and who you are as a company. It's basically a brand strategy. Why is your company the best solution? Why does your specific product help thousands of people? Why should they choose your offer over the other one? By answering these questions, you’ll find that the answers come naturally. We see where we're going and how we should communicate. This leads to creating your brand identity.

Give an authentic identity to your efforts.

Let’s discuss the cherry on top. We express our thinking into a visual identity: logo, color palette, typography, and graphic elements. If your pitch elevator is clear, the execution will be too.

In the high tech ecosystem, we see many 3D elements and infographics, but let’s challenge ourselves a bit more. Can we get even more creative? Go a little crazy? Should we use a symbol, a mascot? Before choosing any visual expression, we make sure to stay aligned with your target and constantly consider what will appropriately suit their language.

The high-tech industry is competitive. This much we know. You must keep in mind how formidable having your visual identity be linked to your own language can make you become. You will create a brand that is unforgettable, distinct, and more polished. It gives you the strength to defend your ideas and argue why your solution is the best.

Please show them who you are!

When we create a startup, we think about it 24/7. No break, no vacation (even if we should, but that’s for another blog post). Giving an identity to your company is not just simply designing a logo and copywriting; it's an opportunity to talk about yourself as an entrepreneur, as a human being who has struggled, and as a fighter who refused to give up. We always base our design and thinking on your personality because, in the end, what truly makes your company unique is you. We've heard and seen that venture-capitalists invest in potentials and entrepreneurs in their ideas. When you think about a mascot, a symbol, or a brand name, think about yourself. We're not asking you to be self-centered, but this company wouldn't exist without you, so what makes you genuinely different and better than your competitors? Don’t be shy.

When we dig into your story, we usually find a reason other than "I want to make money" or  "I want to be successful." We often discover that the reasons are far more personal. And that’s awesome because it reassures your investor and your consumers that you won't quit tomorrow. Show that you genuinely care, and the emotion will be reciprocated.

Don't hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to help shape the new unicorn of tomorrow.