Will ChatGPT change SEO as we know it today?

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May 7, 2023

Before everything, we know you're a pro, but if you forgot, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, basically, how your website ranks on Google. (Number 1, of course ?!)

What if I told you that there's a new tool on the market that could revolutionize your SEO efforts? It's called ChatGPT, and it uses artificial intelligence to help you get an answer to all of your problems. Sounds too good to be true, right?

We all know that Google's algorithms are constantly changing, with its core updates and technical improvements. Buuut, we figured that Google didn't see ChatGPT coming, at least as a threat. Will it change something? Will those two coexist in peace, or is there a digital war on the horizon? We hope not; we had enough wars this year... anyways, let's dig in!

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a free Artificial Intelligence tool developed by OpenAI and released in 2022 that answers every question and can even write some code. You can ask pretty much anything through the chat and get a correct answer. (That's why it's impressive.) For example, "Will my son get to Harvard? Will I be rich? Will my wife still look good after 30 years of marriage?" Well... maybe not those ones, but questions like "What's the economic situation of the United States? Who is Mickael Jackson? Write me an essay of 1500 words on Branding." Things like that. (Please don't ask about the couscous recipe of your grandma on ChatGPT, that's a secret!)

ChatGPT from OpenAI is a huge step toward a usable answer engine.  Unfortunately its answers are horrible. | Mashable

How could ChatGPT threaten Google?

Recently, ChatGPT has been making a bit of noise in the tech world. (It's  just all over the news and in your Instagram feed; who else is spammed by AI reels all day? Leave a comment) Dubbed "the chatbot that could outsmart Google," ChatGPT definitely seems like it packs a punch! After all, this chatbot can search through large databases and provide users with the exact information they need. While Google may be shaking in its servers right now, this AI-based tool has yet to be tested with the same complexity and precision as Google. However, if ChatGPT is effective at its job, it could potentially launch an assault against Google's domination of the search engine market. Only time will tell how successful this bot will be against one of the biggest names in tech.

What truly intrigued us is that ChatGPT has the power to give a direct and correct answer to a specific question. Whatever you're looking for, you'll get just a single answer, almost like in mathematics. At the same time, Google would refer us to a few different websites to provide a few other solutions. Here, we need to remember that most of the queries on Google are questions and long ones! For example, sometimes we look for a "branding agency in Tel Aviv," but most of the time, we look instead for "what does a branding agency do?" or "what are the services of a digital marketing agency?".

Google has a clear interest in listing as many websites as possible on its platform because its revenues come from Advertising. Meaning as much competition you have, as many chances you get to have people paying to be Number 1. So, if we follow the same logic, Google can't really give just one answer.

On the other side, the AI tool from OpenAI promotes efficiency by answering your need directly. But does it mean that ChatGPT will become the new Google when answering a specific question?

To respond, Google invested $300mn in artificial intelligence startup Anthropic.

Google invested one of the most significant amounts of money in a long time in a new generative content startup. So yes, we didn't predict it; we just read the news. So yes, Ai will be at the center of all investment, and more than that, jobs and freelancers' jobs will have to evolve or get replaced if Ai becomes soon as good as a human. This is still far from happening, but it genuinely asks, "How can we work with Ai or leave Ai to do the dumbest task in our projects." (We personally dream of the day we'll ask Ai to bring us a double cappuccino with soy milk, one sweetener, and cinnamon.)

But we read between the lines and understand that if Google is going in this direction, it's not because ChatGPT is the new it girl but mainly because it changes how we access information.

The danger of using ChatGPT or Ai tools for your SEO articles

ChatGPT may seem like an enticing, very charming, and easy way to get more content for your blog by just asking him to write a lengthy article on a specific topic, but Google can recognize AI-written content (hehe, you haven't seen this one coming, didn't you?!) Yes, Google is the big brother!! But that, we already know, of course! So blog posts generated by AI, like Jasper, even if they brand themselves as "the latest trendy tool to write wonderful SEO articles," won't help your SEO. That's such a shame when you just clicked on a few buttons to have a very long and funny article written when people like us, on the other hand, take 2 hours to write a f****** article, arghhhh. Google only rewards websites that use human-written content. So if you want to rank higher in Google searches, you need to ensure that you have a human touch in what you produce. Not only will this create better user experience elements, but Google will also prioritize results with the human touch. So don't be tempted by ChatGPT to boost your SEO - it's a recipe for disaster! And if you lose track, as we did, no worries, your website won't fall from the first position in 2 weeks! It's just like your diet; just get back on track as soon as you can!

That's all, my dear folks; we hope this article was a bit, just a tiny bit interesting. If you're worried about your future SEO being taken over by this awful ChatGPT, send us a message, we'll send some robots destroying the platform!

Cheers! 😚

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