How to find your value proposition? 

Every company needs to find its value proposition. It helps them to create a point of differentiation and define what makes them stand out from the competition.
August 29, 2022
How to find your value proposition? 

We, entrepreneurs, are pretty atypical people; let's be honest, who's crazy enough to start a business? 

So we started the journey; we thought about our product, offer, and services, and we're pretty happy and proud. We may have started working on our Branding, even our website, but only after that the fun part starts: we meet people, and leads, and we have to explain precisely what we do as quickly as possible. And, here comes the first door. "Why? Am I not convincing enough?" we ask ourselves. "But I know my product is amazing; why don't people buy it?". We stay awake at night, wondering what we could have done wrong. (Yep, been there too)

No worries, you may have done hundreds of things correctly, but if you're reading this article, you may feel uncomfortable about how valuable your company really is. And we're telling you, it is! Of course! But as long as your value proposition is unclear like crystal to people, it won't be possible to scale. 

This article will cover how you can find and use your value proposition to drive sales and increase market share in today's competitive marketplace.

Why finding your value proposition is so important?

Every company needs to find its value proposition. It helps them to create a point of differentiation and define what makes them stand out from the competition. This is important because it helps your customers understand who you are and why you're the best choice for them.

By defining your value proposition, you can establish a marketing plan with a clear goal that drives results for your business. But let's get back to basics.

If you did your entrepreneur's job correctly, you must have identified several consumer pain points and created a solution to that specific problem. Ok, cool. But where do we go from there? 

Creating a company, a product, or a solution to a problem doesn't sell, at least, by itself. As a marketing & communication agency, we can tell you it won't be enough. But why? 

Think about it; people have needs, and some companies already fulfill them. So when you come to the market and tell people, "hey, we just created this to help you on that, do you want to buy or use it?" most people will say, "no, I'm good, I'm already covered with that" because you're basically not telling them why.  

  • Why would they buy your product? 
  • Why subscribing to your solution will make their life easier?
  • Why will it save them time? Money? Money and time?
  • Why? 

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You guessed it; your value proposition summarizes why your company exists and why a consumer should buy your product or services—now, going from here, how do you find your value proposition and write it down?

Let's find out what makes you unique!   

To help you craft a unique value proposition, you need to do more than just write what you do. Yep, it's not that easy. So instead, consider how your product or service will make the user feel and what it will exactly change in their business or personal life. 

A good value proposition is about solving an ongoing and significant problem - it needs to show how this will be valuable to the customer.

Your business and marketing strategy needs to have a strong value proposition that captivates your potential customer's attention and makes them want to purchase your product. But it's not always easy when every business is selling the same or similar products. And what's even more difficult is coming up with a compelling value proposition that will set you apart from the rest of the competition, so here are a few questions to help you out:

  • What makes your product so attractive?
  • What will it change in people's lives?
  • Why does your service deserve to exist?  
  • Is it better? Cheaper? Easier to use? Faster?
  • What will I gain by buying, subscribing, or using your product?

How focusing on your niche will help you find your value proposition?

You may not know it yet, but a particular group of people is expecting your product or service already! So, yes, there are people out there who dream of finding your company and buying your service! Good news, right? 

But, we see you, entrepreneurs; you may be afraid to target a smaller group of people. You may think that the smaller you target, the fewer people will buy your product when it's the opposite. Targeting precisely these people, we were referring to will only do good. It will give you as many insights as you need to know about people dying to buy your product: their joys, pains, problems, concerns, wishes, and dreams, to help you find your value proposition!

Your value proposition may be focused precisely and only on your niche.

Let's try with an example: 

If Apple said: "We sell sleek computers," would you buy it? Mmh, maybe, but 4000$ only for a sleek computer may be too much. 

If Apple says: "We sell an intuitive, user-friendly experience for creators to be free to express their creativity." that is already better. Not that we want to give marketing advice to Apple, obviously. 

But you may have understood the nuance here. Instead of describing what you sell, you express the true value of your product and what it will enable people to do with it!

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How to express your value proposition in your Branding?

Finding your value proposition is super important; we saw that; the thing is, if it stays in a notebook in your conference room, it won't go far. So you now need to translate your thinking into your brand's visual identity. 

When you find what makes your company unique, stand out, and valuable for your ideal consumers, the Art Direction you want to pursue must feel logical. We keep saying it, but everything must come from your audience. Once again, you're not creating a company for yourself but for people. 

To help you with that, we recommend you to study and pay attention to what your audience loves. What do they hate, what art movement would they like, and which tone of voice and atmosphere would they feel more comfortable with? Do they need something bright, catchy, soft, light, airy, dreamy, or down-to-earth and corporate? That may sound too precise, but it will help you target your niche precisely. Can you imagine it would be like walking into a restaurant where they put your favorite music and art piece on the walls, where the waiter would be just as lovely as you wished, and the menu would be just for you! Ideal right? (If you know that restaurant btw, please tell us!) Your brand must feel the same to your audience. 

Everything you do must come from them. 

We are always happy to help with Strategy and Branding; reach out to us if you have any questions!