What kind of branding do you need? 

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September 23, 2021

What exactly is branding? 

To start, it’s not just one thing. It’s an umbrella term under which falls all of your company’s identifiable traits and practices, setting your business apart from others.  

We often associate branding with a logo and colour palette, imagery, icons, which we do on a daily basis by the way. But it is way much more than that. Think of branding as: 

  • Who you are,
  • What you do,
  • And Why you do it.

You want to have a successful business, but without being memorable, your success won’t be able to stick. The goal of working on your brand identity is to retain consumers and have them continue to return. More importantly, to create a strong relationship between your brand (aka you) and your customers.

A really important question to ask when it comes to crafting your brand identity is:

What exactly sets you apart from the rest? Is it the quality of your product? All the work you put into it? The amazing factories you found? All the jobs you saved by producing locally? Or is it just you and your team?

If you want your brand to be easily recognizable and recallable you must come up with a reason, a purpose, a significant trait that allows your brand to be successful on its own. Usually, that’s what we call your ‘why’.

Your aim should be for consumers, users, your audience, etc., to be able to recognize something as belonging to your brand solely based on one little thing that they see, or that they sense. Along the way, working in different sectors like, fashion, legal, high tech, and medial industries we noticed something common: people won’t remember a logo or a slogan (unless you have millions of $ to splurge on TV and billboards advertising) they will more likely remember a human character: it could be the contact they have with your brand through social media, retail, customer service, etc. That’s why we focus mainly on bringing up everything that makes you human.

How do you decide what branding is best? 

Whether you’re confused, or 100% sure of which direction you want to go in, make sure it’s authentic to you and your beliefs. The same type of branding will not suit everyone. Which is why multiple types exist. 

For that, as a branding agency we always ask our clients on a scale of 1 to 10 (because it’s never black or white) if they want to appear more friendly or strict? Playful or serious? Opaque or transparent? Old or young? Confident or humble?

All combinations are possible. Because you are complex, as a human being and even more as a brand. As long as you stick to yourself, everything will be coherent. Coherent for you and your team, and your consumers. 

What types of branding can suit your brand?

After working on the strategy we’ll adopt, we can decide which kind of logo, typography and colors will be more effective to follow this strategy.

To give you perspectives:

Have you ever noticed that banks often use neutral or muted colors in their branding? 

Cosmetic companies use rounder shapes and softer colors to appeal to everyone? 

High tech startups incorporate super modern design with sleek lines and cool colors? 

Non-profit organizations use environmental colors and fonts that appeal to all.

We’ve kind of seen it all. We acknowledge these patterns within industries and use them to your advantage. Or not! Breaking the rules can also sometimes be a solution. You don’t have to be sleek and polished if you’re launching a fashion company, you don’t have to be classic and settle if you’re a corporate company, and even more, when you’re working in the tech industry: do you really have to look like everyone else?

Both can directions are good in our opinion- If you decide to follow the graphic lines of your industry, you’ll directly resonate with it, on the other hand, if you decide to stand out like Lemonade for example, and to have an original branding in your industry, you can be more easily memorable. So, quickly understood or unique? What do you prefer? (No worries, both can also be combined.)

Keep in mind that your personality, mannerisms, speech, and everything else that makes you, you, is your branding. The way you are perceived by others is your branding, too. So, with that in mind, remember to always present yourself in a way that if it were the first or last time someone were to come into contact with you, you’d be satisfied with the way they perceived you. 

How can we help?

Step number one is to find your purpose and define it. Decide why this is the message you want to send, and stand by it. Then, you determine how you want to spread this message. 

You decide the colors, the fonts, the ambience, the strength in which your message will be spread.

We go through a meticulous process beside you to find what suits you best. 

  • Test out different strategies to see what fits your message. What would you want to see for your brand? What reminds you of your brand? 
  • Different color stories, tones, shapes, frequencies. It’s all about you. 
  • And then, we test it on people. Because in the end, they make you a success :)

Contact us to know more about branding, and how to find yours!

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